Learn English fast with these 5 tips

With professional English classes and these 5 tips, you will be able to learn English fast.


Cultural don’ts: Arriving on time to a dinner party in France

In France, arriving on time to a dinner party is considered rude. The proper etiquette, in fact, is to arrive around 15 minutes later than the time the party starts.


3 activities outside the classroom that will help you learn Spanish fast

In order to learn Spanish fast, you will need to practice outside the classroom. Here are three activities that will help you practice and learn Spanish fast.


Cultural don'ts: Serving yourself a drink in Japan

In Japan, it is customary to wait for someone to serve you a drink rather than serving yourself. This small detail can have a negative impact in building a relationship across cultures.


Instructor-led language classes vs. language apps: What’s the difference?

When it comes to choosing to learn a new language, it is important to consider whether you want to use a language learning app or a language class.


Why learn a new language: Sports

Sports is one of the reasons why people choose to learn a new language, whether it's to play, coach or just watch. Learn how Berlitz has helped students learn new languages for sports.


The future of language learning: Online language classes

Online language learning is expected to grow by 13% by 2025. More students are requesting online language courses for flexibility and affordability.


Characteristics of high-performance multicultural teams

Experts have distinguished five characteristics of productive groups – cohesion, collaboration, consensus, cooperation and cultural competence.


Culture insight: a business case for diversity

When diverse people come together in a work environment, they bring with them all the knowledge and experience gleaned from their primary and secondary characteristics – the traits they were born and raised with, and those they intentionally adopted.


Tips to learn a language online

Learning a new language can unlock a host of opportunities. Learning a new language online makes it easier to do. These tips will help you get started now.


How to learn a language fast online

Want to know how to learn a language fast online? These tips will give you the ability to get started on your language learning journey.


Culture insight: inclusion and community on diverse and dispersed teams

Today’s team leaders are increasingly managing more diverse groups of people and people who interact increasingly virtually.


A foundation of high-performance teams

How do different cultural preferences, or frames of reference, impact diverse teams? They provide an essential starting point for teams striving for the highest performance levels.


What's the best way to learn a language online?

Online language courses can be a great option if you’re learning a language with a small amount of spare time, aren’t able to travel to classes or just prefer learning online.

Two ladies of different ethnic backgrounds smiling and chatting over a laptop in an office space.

Why the Berlitz method will work for you

Learn about the simple, unique reasons why the Berlitz Method is the fastest, failsafe way to learn a new language effectively.

Colleagues greeting each other with a respectful bow, surrounded by bamboo trees - an example of cultural differences in communication.

6 examples of cultural differences in business communication

We've outlined some examples of cultural differences in business communication and how to better understand your international peers.


Why learning a new language is more achievable than you think

Our process ensures you stay on track, are making progress, and offers support at every stage if you need it.


Learn a language around your busy schedule

See why we can help you fit learning a language around your busy schedule, plus tips to help you make the most of your time.

Two young boys playing basketball and enjoying the fun, active benefits of summer camp.

5 of the big benefits of summer camp

These are the ingredients to a recipe for fun that will have your kids returning to reap the benefits of summer camp time and time again.

A young female adult and a male friend in casual clothing are laughing and learning how to become a polyglot, together.

How to become a polyglot

Sharon Melamed, an accredited translator, speaks five languages. Here, she reveals her key tips on how to become a polyglot.

A young adult lady with a Pomeranian dog is keenly researching on her laptop how to become a better global citizen.

How to become a better global citizen

A happier, healthier and equal world is a good thing for all of us. So here's a few ideas on how to become a better global citizen, today.

Two smiling well-dressed female employees on an escalator have overcome language barriers in the workplace.

How to overcome language barriers in the workplace

Good communication in the workplace is key to a company’s success and morale. And different languages shouldn’t stand in the way of this.

Happy multilingual female student with friend and teacher discussing the best careers for bilinguals, in a library.

11 careers that bilinguals and multilinguals will excel in

Expanding your professional horizons? Here are some of the best careers for bilinguals to help you think about what’s possible for you.

African American lady is studying at a library computer immersing herself in language study and understanding how to learn a language fast.

How to learn a language fast

When it comes to learning a language quickly, here are a few easy things you can do to accelerate your fluency.

Three happy laughing older women in a foreign country, exploring the best places to retire abroad.

6 amazing places to retire abroad

If you’re looking for the best places to spend your golden years with a lower cost of living, then read on to learn where to retire abroad.

A happy young man with dreadlocks having a sandwich lunch with a smiling new female friend in a pink t-shirt, a shining example of how to make friends in a new country.

How to make friends in a new country

How to meet new people and make and nurture new friends as an adult, whether you've moved to a new city, country, or hemisphere.

A young couple is sitting on a plane and looking out the window with anticipation, holding their moving abroad checklist.

Moving abroad checklist: What to do before you move overseas

Relocating to another country? Keep this simple moving abroad checklist handy for a hassle-free transition to your new life overseas.

Three language students are amicably discussing the career benefits of bilingualism.

Why learn a second language? The greatest benefits of bilingualism

From strengthening your brain to building closer connections with people, the benefits of bilingualism are more than just a CV boost.

A HR Manager is interviewing and considering hiring a bilingual employee for a job.

Why bilingual employees can improve your business

Here are a few reasons why providing language training for your existing team or hiring bilingual employees is a great idea for business.