102 fitting ways to give compliments & say beautiful in Spanish

Spanish is a beautiful language–and so are its speakers. Read this guide to learn over a hundred ways to call someone beautiful in Spanish.

Whether you’re looking for romance or simply want to learn how to compliment your friends and coworkers, learning a few ways to say beautiful in Spanish is sure to pay off.

However, if you’ve been studying Spanish for a while, you’re probably already familiar with how diverse and interesting this beautiful language is. So, naturally, there’s not just one way to say “you are beautiful” in Spanish. Not just ten, or twenty or thirty, even. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to call someone or something beautiful, and this blog will cover over a hundred of them!

And if you’re already in a relationship and are wondering why you’d need to learn how to call someone beautiful in Spanish, rest assured that many of these are strictly platonic. Hispanic cultures tend to be extremely warm, so it’s not uncommon to hear terms of endearment in Spanish from strictly platonic relationships.

Learning different compliments in Spanish will help you build stronger relationships with your friends, classmates, and even coworkers. That’s why we’ve included sections in this article that you can use next time you need to compliment a coworker on a job well done or next time you visit your friend’s house and want to compliment their stunning garden!

Keep reading to learn some beautiful ways to compliment your friends and loved ones in Spanish. We’ve included a context column to let you know which compliments are okay to use in neutral situations, and which are more on the flirty side! Stick around until the end to also learn some common faux pas when complimenting in Spanish–and how to avoid them!

Man tells his son he is beautiful in Spanish.

How to say “beautiful” in Spanish

The most accurate translation of beautiful is hermoso (air-mo-so) or hermosa (air-mo-sa). Just as in English, you can use this word to describe people, objects, and generally anything you’d like.

Using the word hermoso to compliment something or someone is very common, but you need to pay close attention to how you say it. Using the wrong phrase or using the word in the wrong context could result in weird looks at best and a damaged relationship at worst. That’s why it’s important to learn numerous ways to say beautiful in Spanish so that you can compliment people in a wide variety of situations.

You can compliment people when you:

  • Genuinely want to call someone beautiful.
  • Want to compliment something beautiful that belongs to a friend.
  • Want to praise a colleague for their beautiful work.
  • Want to compliment someone’s beautiful personality.

You can compliment anyone anytime, really. You just have to make sure you use the right phrase so that it doesn’t come across as strange or insincere. So, let’s get into a handful of common situations in which you’d call someone or something beautiful in Spanish.

How to say “you are beautiful” in Spanish

If you’re trying to flirt with someone in Spanish, this section is the one for you. One of the quickest ways to show that you’re interested in someone is to simply compliment their beauty. Below, you’ll find dozens of flirty ways to call someone beautiful in Spanish.

However, keep in mind that Hispanic (and particularly Latin American) cultures are very warm, so it’s not uncommon for friends to exchange platonic compliments from time to time. Your friends may call you beautiful, or compliment you on a day when you look particularly good, and you should be prepared to return the favor as well.

Keep an eye on the context column on the table below to know which ones are okay to use with friends and which ones you should reserve for your dates!

You look beautiful!Te ves hermoso / hermosate ˈβes ɛɾˈmoso | ɛɾˈmosateh vess air-mo-soFlirty or neutral depending on situation
You look niceTe ves bonito / bonitate ˈβes̬ βoˈnito | boˈnitateh vess bow-knee-toeNeutral
You look prettyTe ves bello / bellate ˈβes̬ ˈβeʝo | ˈbeʝateh vess beh-yoNeutral
You look lovelyTe ves lindo / lindate ˈβes̬ ˈlĩndo | ˈlĩndateh vess lean-dohFlirty
You look greatTe ves genialte ˈβes xeˈnjalteh vess heh-knee-allNeutral
You look hotTe ves guapo / guapate ˈβes̬ ˈɣwapo | ˈɡwapateh vess goo-ah-pohFlirty
You look gorgeous!Te ves precioso / preciosate ˈβes pɾeˈsjoso | pɾeˈsjosateh vess preh-see-oh-soFlirty
You look stunningTe ves estupendote ˈβes ɛstuˈpɛ̃ndoteh vess es-too-pen-dohNeutral
You look splendidTe ves espléndido / espléndidate ˈβes ɛsˈplɛ̃ndiðo | ɛsˈplɛ̃ndiðateh vess es-plenn-dee-dohNeutral
You look marvelousTe ves maravilloso / maravillosate ˈβes̬ maɾaβiˈʝoso | maɾaβiˈʝosateh vess ma-ra-vee-yo-soFlirty
You look spectacularTe ves espectacularte ˈβes ɛspek̚takuˈlaɾteh vess ess-pec-tah-coo-larFlirty
You look radiantTe ves radiantete ˈβes̬ raˈðjãnteteh vess rah-dee-an-tehNeutral
You look great todayTe ves muy bien el día de hoyte ˈβes̬ mwi ˈβjɛn ɛl ˈdia ðe ˈoi̯teh vess moo-ey bee-enNeutral
You are beautiful, inside and outEres hermoso / hermosa, por dentro y por fueraˈɛɾes ɛɾˈmoso | ɛɾˈmosa | poɾ ˈðɛ̃ntɾo i̯ poɾ ˈfwɛɾaeh-ress ehr-mo-so pore den-troh e pore foo-eh-rahFlirty
You’re a beautyEres una bellezaˈɛɾes ˈuna βeˈʝesaeh-ress ooh-nah beh-yeh-zaFlirty
You’re divineEstás divino / divinaɛsˈtas̬ ðiˈβino | diˈβinaess-tahs dee-vee-noFlirty
You’re so handsomeEres muy apuestoˈɛɾes̬ mwj aˈpwɛstoeh-ress moo-ey ah-poo-ess-toeFlirty
You are so prettyEres muy bonito / bonitaˈɛɾes̬ mwi βoˈnito | boˈnitaeh-ress moo-ey bo-knee-toeFlirty
You’re really good looking!Eres muy guapo / guapaˈɛɾes̬ mwi ˈɣwapo | ˈɡwapaeh-ress moo-ey goo-ah-pohFlirty
You’re such a beautyEres toda una bellezaˈɛɾes ˈtoða ˈuna βeˈʝesaeh-ress toe-da oo-nah beh-yeh-zaFlirty
You’re very attractiveEres muy atractivo / atractivaˈɛɾes̬ mwj atɾak̚ˈtiβo | atɾak̚ˈtiβaeh-ress moo-ey ah-track-tee-vohFlirty
You look really good, did you do something different today?Te ves muy bien hoy, ¿te hiciste algo diferente?te ˈβes̬ mwi ˈβjɛn ˈoi̯ | te i̯ˈsiste ˈalɣo ðifɛˈɾɛ̃nte ‖teh vess moo-ey bee-en oy, teh e-sees-teh al-go dee-feh-ren-tehNeutral
How pretty!¡Qué bonito / bonita!ˈke βoˈnito | boˈnita ‖keh boh-knee-toeNeutral
How handsome!¡Qué guapo / guapa!ˈke ˈɣwapo | ˈɡwapa ‖keh goo-ah-pohNeutral
How charming!¡Qué simpático / simpática!ˈke sĩmˈpatiko | sĩmˈpatika ‖keh seem-pah-tee-cohNeutral
How sexy!¡Qué sexy!ˈke ˈsɛksi ‖keh sexyFlirty
How delightful!¡Qué lindo / linda!ˈke ˈlĩndo | ˈlĩnda ‖keh lean-dohNeutral

How to say a thing is beautiful in Spanish

Knowing how to compliment things in Spanish can be helpful beyond simply helping you express yourself. Compliments are a big part of Latin American etiquette, so you should be ready to compliment people’s things.

For example, when visiting your friend’s house for the first time, you should compliment the house itself or something in the house, like the interior decor or garden. Not complimenting your friend’s house would be just as bad as insulting it!

Couple enjoy and compliment the beautiful view in Spanish.

What a beautiful lampQué hermosa lámparaˈke ɛɾˈmosa ˈlãmpaɾakeh air-moh-saNeutral
I love your home officeAmo tu oficina en casaˈamo tw ofiˈsina ɛ̃n ˈkasaah-moh too oh-fee-see-na en ka-saNeutral
Exquisite choice of decorLa decoración de interior es exquisitala ðekoɾaˈsjõn de ĩ̯ntɛˈɾjoɾ ˈɛs ɛkskiˈsitaLa deh-coh-rah-see-on deh een-teh-ree-ore ess ess-key-see-tahNeutral
Your house is beautifulTu casa es hermosatu ˈkasa ˈɛs ɛɾˈmosatoo ka-sa ess air-moh-saNeutral
What a lovely neighborhoodQue agradable vecindarioˈke aɣɾaˈðaβle βesĩnˈdaɾjokeh ah-grah-da-bleh veh-seen-dah-ree-ohNeutral
What a pretty gardenQué hermoso jardínˈke ɛɾˈmoso xaɾˈðĩnkeh air-moh-so har-deenNeutral
I love your carMe encanta tu carromɛ ɛ̃nˈkãnta tu ˈkaromeh en-can-tah too kah-roNeutral
What a cool motorcycleQué moto tan coolˈke ˈmoto ˈtãn koˈolkeh moh-toe tan coolNeutral
You have a gorgeous homeTienes una casa preciosaˈtjenes ˈuna ˈkasa pɾeˈsjosatee-eh-ness ooh-na ka-saNeutral
The view is breathtakingLa vista es impresionantela ˈβista ˈɛs ĩmpɾesjoˈnãntela vees-ta ess em-preh-see-oh-nan-tehNeutral
This view has left me speechlessLa vista me ha dejado sin palabrasla ˈβista me ˈa ðeˈxaðo sĩm paˈlaβɾasla vees-tah meh ah deh-ha-doh seen pa-la-brasNeutral
How marvelousQué maravillosoˈke maɾaβiˈʝosokeh mah-ra-vee-yo-soNeutral
How charmingQué encantoˈke ɛ̃nˈkãntokeh en-can-tohNeutral

How to compliment someone on their work in Spanish

If you’re learning Spanish for work, then you need to be ready to give out some workplace-friendly compliments. Whether you want to praise your coworkers or direct reports, it’s always a good idea to let your colleagues know that you appreciate their hard work.

Colleagues compliment each other on the their work in Spanish.

You did a really great job todayHiciste un muy buen trabajo hoy iˈsiste ũ̯m mwi ˈβwɛ̃n tɾaˈβaxo ˈoi̯ee-sees-teh oon moo-ey boo-en tra-ba-ho oyNeutral
You excelled at today’s presentation!¡Sobresaliste en la presentación de hoy!soβɾesaˈlistɛ ɛ̃n la pɾesɛ̃ntaˈsjõn de ˈoi̯ ‖so-breh-sa-lees-teh en la preh-sen-tah-see-on deh oyNeutral
I’m very impressed by your reportEstoy muy impresionado / impresionada por tu reporteɛsˈtoi̯ mwi ĩmpɾesjoˈnaðo | ĩmpɾesjoˈnaða poɾ tu reˈpoɾteess-toy moo-ey eem-preh-see-oh-na-dohNeutral
You’re really talentedEres muy talentoso / talentosaˈɛɾes̬ mwi talɛ̃nˈtoso | talɛ̃nˈtosaeh-ress moo-ey ta-len-toh-soNeutral
You’re very diligentEres muy diligenteˈɛɾes̬ mwi ðiliˈxɛ̃nteeh-ress moo-ey dee-lee-hen-tehNeutral
You’re a really hard workerEres muy trabajadorˈɛɾes̬ mwi tɾaβaxaˈðoɾeh-ress moo-ey tra-bah-ha-doreNeutral
Congratulations on a job well done!¡Felicidades por un trabajo bien hecho! felisiˈðaðes poɾ ũn tɾaˈβaxo ˈβjɛn ˈeʧo ‖feh-lee-see-da-dess pore oon tra-bah-ho bee-en eh-choNeutral
You’re a valuable team memberEres una parte valiosa de nuestro equipoˈɛɾes ˈuna ˈpaɾte βaˈljosa ðe ˈnwɛstɾo eˈkipoeh-ress oo-na par-teh va-lee-oh-sa deh noo-ess-troh eh-key-pohNeutral
You’re a great leaderEres un gran liderˈɛɾes ũn ˈɡɾãn liˈðɛɾeh-ress oon grahn lee-derNeutral
You have a great work ethicTienes una gran ética laboralˈtjenes ˈuna ˈɣɾan ˈɛtika laβoˈɾaltee-eh-ness oo-na grahn eh-tee-kah la-boh-ralNeutral
Well doneBien hechoˈbjɛn ˈeʧobee-en eh-choNeutral
Very good!¡Muy bien!mwi ˈβjɛ̃n ‖moo-ey bee-enNeutral
You earned itTe lo mereceste lo mɛˈɾesesteh lo meh-reh-sessNeutral
Good jobBuen trabajoˈbwɛ̃n tɾaˈβaxoboo-en tra-ba-hoNeutral
You have exceeded yourselfTe has sobrepasadote ˈas soβɾepaˈsaðoteh ahs so-breh-pa-sa-dohNeutral

How to compliment someone on their appearance, clothing or things in Spanish

Complimenting your friends and family is a great way to let them know that you appreciate it. And–let’s face it–who doesn’t love receiving compliments? In fact, science says that you probably don’t compliment your friends often enough. So, why not use these beautiful compliments in Spanish as a way to both strengthen your friendships and practice your Spanish?

Woman compliments her friend on her appearance in Spanish.

I like your styleMe gusta mucho tu estilome ˈɣusta ˈmuʧo tw ɛsˈtilomeh goose-ta moo-cho too ess-tee-loNeutral
I love your outfitMe encanta tu atuendomɛ ɛ̃nˈkãnta tw aˈtwɛ̃ndomeh en-kahn-tah too ah-too-en-dohNeutral
You have great tasteTienes muy buen estiloˈtjenes̬ mwi ˈβwɛn ɛsˈtilotee-eh-ness moo-ey boo-en ess-tee-loNeutral
Simply stunning outfit!Tu atuendo está ¡espectacular!tw aˈtwɛ̃ndo ɛsˈta ɛspek̚takuˈlaɾ ‖too ah-too-en-do ess-tah ess-pec-ta-coo-larNeutral
Love your shoes!¡Amo tus zapatos!ˈamo tus saˈpatos ‖ah-mo toos za-pah-tossNeutral
What a beautiful watch¡Qué hermoso reloj!ˈke ɛɾˈmoso reˈlox ‖keh air-mo-so reh-loghNeutral
That color looks beautiful on youEse color se te ve hermoso ˈese koˈloɾ se te ˈβe ɛɾˈmosoess-eh co-lore seh teh veh air-mo-soFlirty
What a beautiful hairstyleQué peinado tan hermosoˈke pei̯ˈnaðo ˈtan ɛɾˈmosokeh pay-na-do tan air-mo-soFlirty
That fits you really well¡Eso se te ve muy bien!ˈeso se te ˈβe mwi ˈβjɛ̃n ‖eh-so seh teh veh moo-ey bee-enFlirty
That’s an incredible dress you’re wearingEse vestido que traes puesto está increíbleˈese βɛsˈtiðo ˈke ˈtɾaes ˈpwɛsto ɛsˈta ĩ̯nkɾeˈiβleeh-seh vess-tee-doh keh trah-ess poo-ess-toh ess-ta een-creh-e-blehDepends on context
You look so fancyTe ves muy elegantete ˈβes̬ mwj eleˈɣãnteteh vess moo-ey eh-leh-gan-tehNeutral
You’re always dressed so trendySiempre estás vestido / vestida muy a la modaˈsjɛ̃mpɾɛ ɛsˈtas̬ βɛsˈtiðo | bɛsˈtiða mwj a la ˈmoðasee-em-preh ess-tas vess-tee-doh moo-ey ah la mo-daDepends on context
What a beautiful purse, where did you get it?Qué hermosa bolsa, ¿dónde la compraste?ˈke ɛɾˈmosa ˈβolsa | ˈdõnde la kõmˈpɾaste ‖keh air-mo-sa boll-sah don-deh la kom-prass-tehNeutral

How to call someone beautiful in Spanish slang

If you’re not exactly looking for a fairytale romance, then you might want to try using some Spanish slang when calling someone beautiful. Lucky for you, Spanish has some incredible slang that will help you effortlessly compliment someone you’re trying to impress.

You’re very hotEstás bien bueno / buenaɛsˈtas̬ ˈβjɛ̃m ˈbweno | ˈbwenaess-tas bee-en boo-eh-noFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re very hotEstás muy rico / ricaɛsˈtas̬ mwi ˈriko | ˈrikaess-tas moo-ey ree-coFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re deliciousEstás delicioso / deliciosaɛsˈtas̬ ðeliˈsjoso | deliˈsjosaess-tas deh-lee-see-oh-soFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re very cuteEstás muy mono / monaɛsˈtas̬ mwi ˈmono | ˈmonaess-tas moo-ey mo-noFlirty
You look very hotTe ves muy macizo / macizate ˈβes̬ mwi maˈsiso | maˈsisate ves moo-ey ma-see-soFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re very sexyEstás muy sexyɛsˈtas̬ mwi ˈsɛksiess-tas moo-ey sexyFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re like a cheeseEstás como un quesoɛsˈtas ˈkomo ũ̯n ˈkesoess-tas co-mo oon keh-soFlirty, slightly vulgar
You’re ready to eatEstás lista para comerɛsˈtas̬ ˈlista ˈpaɾa koˈmɛɾess-tas lees-ta pa-ra coh-merFlirty, slightly vulgar

How to compliment someone on their personality or lifestyle in Spanish

Complimenting people isn’t all about the superficial or material. Sometimes, you really just want to compliment the beautiful energy that someone radiates or praise them for their behavior. If you want to go deeper and compliment the personal qualities of someone who truly inspires you, check out the table below.

Student compliments her teacher on her fabulous lifestyle in Spanish.

You are so brave!¡Eres muy valiente!ˈɛɾes̬ mwi βaˈljɛ̃nte ‖eh-ress moo-ey vah-lee-en-tehNeutral
You are very pleasantEres muy agradableˈɛɾes̬ mwj aɣɾaˈðaβleeh-ress moo-ey ah-gra-da-blehNeutral
You’re my heroEres mi héroe / heroínaˈɛɾes̬ mj ˈɛɾoe | ɛɾoˈinaeh-ress me eh-ro-ehFlirty
You’re very impressiveEres muy impresionanteˈɛɾes̬ mwi ĩmpɾesjoˈnãnteeh-ress moo-ey em-preh-see-oh-nan-tehFlirty
You’re an inspirationEres una inspiraciónˈɛɾes ˈuna ĩ̯nspiɾaˈsjõneh-ress oo-na in-spee-rah-see-onFlirty
You’re very thoughtfulEres muy considerado / consideradaˈɛɾes̬ mwi kõnsiðɛˈɾaðo | kõnsiðɛˈɾaðaeh-ress moo-ey con-see-deh-ra-dohNeutral
You’re a great role modelEres un gran ejemplo a seguirˈɛɾes ũn ˈɡɾan eˈxɛ̃mplo a seˈɣiɾeh-ress oon grahn eh-hem-plo ah seh-geerNeutral
You’re a good personEres una buena personaˈɛɾes ˈuna ˈβwena pɛɾˈsonaeh-ress oo-na boo-eh-nah pear-so-naNeutral
You’re very kindEres muy amableˈɛɾes̬ mwj aˈmaβleeh-ress moo-ey ah-ma-blehNeutral
You’re very generousEres muy generoso / generosaˈɛɾes̬ mwi xenɛˈɾoso | xenɛˈɾosaeh-ress moo-ey heh-neh-ro-soNeutral
You’re very creativeEres muy creativo / creativaˈɛɾes̬ mwi kɾeaˈtiβo | kɾeaˈtiβaeh-ress moo-ey creh-ah-tee-voNeutral
You’re incredibleEres increíbleˈɛɾes ĩnkɾeˈiβleeh-ress in-kreh-e-blehNeutral
You’re a free spiritEres un alma libreˈɛɾes un ˈalma ˈliβɾeeh-ress oon al-ma lee-brehNeutral
You rockEres lo máximoˈɛɾes̬ lo ˈmaksimoeh-ress lo max-e-moFlirty
You’re very smartEres muy inteligenteˈɛɾes̬ mwi ĩnteliˈxɛ̃nteeh-ress moo-ey in-teh-lee-hen-tehNeutral
You’re so funnyEres muy chistosoˈɛɾes̬ mwi ʧisˈtosoeh-ress moo-y cheese-toe-soNeutral
You’re coolEres genialˈɛɾes xeˈnjaleh-ress heh-knee-alFlirty
You’ve got a great attitudeTienes una gran actitudˈtjenes ˈuna ˈɣɾan ak̚tiˈtuðtee-eh-ness oo-na grahn ac-tee-toodNeutral
You have a beautiful soulTienes un alma muy bellaˈtjenes un ˈalma mwi ˈβeʝatee-eh-ness oon al-ma moo-ey beh-yaNeutral
You’ve got a great sense of humorTienes un gran sentido del humorˈtjenes ũn ˈɡɾãn sɛ̃nˈtiðo ðɛl uˈmoɾtee-eh-ness oon grahn sen-tee-doh del oo-moreNeutral
You’re so much funEres muy divertido / divertidaˈɛɾes̬ mwi ðiβɛɾˈtiðo | diβɛɾˈtiðaeh-ress moo-ey dee-ver-tee-dohFlirty
Your laugh is infectiousTu risa es contagiosatu ˈrisa ˈɛs kõntaˈxjosatoo ree-sa es con-ta-he-oh-saNeutral
Your smile is beautifulTu sonrisa es hermosa tu sõnˈrisa ˈɛs ɛɾˈmosatoo son-ree-sa es air-mo-saFlirty
You should be proud of yourselfDeberías estar orgulloso / orgullosa de ti mismo / mismadeβɛˈɾias ɛsˈtaɾ oɾɣuˈʝoso | oɾɣuˈʝosa ðe ˈti ˈmis̬mo | ˈmis̬madeh-beh-ree-as ess-tar or-goo-yo-so deh tee mees-moNeutral

How to respond to compliments in Spanish

As you start complimenting people in Spanish, we guarantee that you’ll start receiving compliments back. And when you do, you need to be prepared on how to respond! Here are a few handy ways to respond and say thank you in Spanish after receiving a compliment.

Man responds to a compliment in Spanish.

That’s very kind of you, thanksQué amable, graciasˈke aˈmaβle | ˈɡɾasjaskeh ah-ma-bleh grah-see-asNeutral
Thank you so muchMuchísimas graciasmuˈʧisimas̬ ˈɣɾasjasmoo-chee-see-mas grah-see-asNeutral
Likewise!¡Igualmente!iɣwalˈmɛ̃nte ‖e-goo-al-men-tehDepends on context
That means a lot, thank you so muchEso significa mucho, mil graciasˈeso siɣniˈfika ˈmuʧo | ˈmil ˈɣɾasjaseh-so sig-knee-fee-cah moo-cho meel grah-see-asNeutral
I really appreciate itEn verdad lo aprecioɛ̃m bɛɾˈðað lo aˈpɾesjoen ver-dad loh ah-preh-see-ohNeutral

Common faux pas when complimenting in Spanish

Translating “hot” literally

This is something that some Americans tend to do when trying to say someone is “hot” in Spanish. The literal translation of hot is caliente (kah-lee-en-teh), but saying that someone is caliente in Spanish is not the same as saying someone is hot!

In Spanish, being caliente means being sexually aroused. So, you can only imagine the strange looks you’d get from someone if you called them caliente when you meant to call them hot!

Using the wrong adjective gender

Even if you’re just taking beginner Spanish lessons, you’re probably already familiar with how gendered adjectives need to agree with the noun they are modifying. That is, you’d say a man is hermoso and a woman is hermosa.

Even if you already know this in theory, being able to instantly recall the correct gender of the adjective will take some practice. Rest assured, nobody will likely get offended if you use the incorrect gender, although they may point it out and laugh about it. Don’t be discouraged! Just keep practicing and, in time, you’ll be able to dish out compliments like a pro.

Qualifying your compliments

Although this may not be inappropriate in other cultures, you should never qualify your compliments in Spanish. That is, you should never give someone a compliment but then add strict criteria under which the compliment is true. For example, you should never say any of the following:

You’re very beautiful for your ageEres muy hermosa para tu edadˈɛɾes̬ mwj ɛɾˈmosa ˈpaɾa tw eˈðað
Your English is very good for a non-nativeHablas inglés muy bien para no ser tu lengua maternaˈaβlas ĩnˈɡles̬ mwi ˈβjɛ̃m ˈpaɾa ˈno ˈsɛɾ tu ˈlɛ̃nɡwa maˈtɛɾna
You paint beautifully for a high school studentPintas hermoso para apenas ser estudiante de preparatoriaˈpĩntas ɛɾˈmoso ˈpaɾa aˈpenas ˈsɛɾ ɛstuˈðjãnte ðe pɾepaɾaˈtoɾja
Your singing is beautiful for an untrained singerCantas hermoso para no haber tomado clasesˈkãntas ɛɾˈmoso ˈpaɾa ˈno aˈβɛɾ toˈmaðo ˈklases
You cook very well for someone who makes very simple dishesCocinas muy rico para alguien que hace platillos tan simpleskoˈsinas̬ mwi ˈriko ˈpaɾa ˈalɣjɛ̃n ˈke ˈase plaˈtiʝos ˈtãn ˈsĩmples

Beautiful job getting through the entire article!

If you’ve made it through the end, ¡buen trabajo! We understand that getting through 100+ different ways to compliment someone in Spanish takes a lot of work, but this wide range of diversity is precisely what will keep things interesting!

Now that you know dozens of ways to say beautiful in Spanish, it’s your turn to go out into the world and start practicing! After all, who wouldn’t like being called beautiful? Just keep in mind the context columns above so that you don’t use a compliment inappropriately!

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