126 funny Spanish words, sayings, and facts to make you smile

Spanish is not considered a difficult language for English speakers. (In fact, it might be one of the easiest for English speakers to pick up). And the good news is it gets a lot more exciting once you go beyond basic beginner skills and start communicating.

Learning new Spanish vocabulary can also be fun — no, we’re not nerds! Every language has weird words and slang, and Spanish is no exception.

If you feel like you need a little boost of amusement today, take a break from your Spanish lessons and have a look at these funny Spanish sayings and funny Spanish words. We’ve shortlisted these words and phrases because they have a hilarious literal meaning or because they just sound funny. Try to repeat them out loud!

Cuidado, ¡hay un montón! (a Spanish expression which means: “There are a lot.”)

Take a break from your Spanish lessons and try our LOL Spanish quiz!

Funny Spanish vocab

Next time you visit a Spanish speaking country, learn a few of the funny things to say in Spanish below. Your Spanish speaking friends ¡se partirán de la risa! (funny Spanish slang which means “will crack up.”)

Funny Spanish words

Among all the fun Spanish words, “tiquismiquis” is definitely my favorite. And, even though it has a translation in other languages, it’s not exactly the same. So I just use “tiquismiquis” when I speak English or French. ¿Porqué no?

Mother reading her daughter a book full of funny Spanish words.

Find your new favorite Spanish word in the table below!

Spanish Feminine / masculine IPA Meaning
antro Masculine ˈantɾo joint (small, dirty place)
achuchar ˌat͡ʃut͡ʃˈaɾ hug strongly
churro Masculine t͡ʃˈuɾɾo churro
acojonar ˌakoxonˈaɾ scare the s—- out of
chollo Masculine t͡ʃˈoʎo great deal
chanchullo Masculine t͡ʃant͡ʃˈuʎo scam
agobiar ˌaɣoβjˈaɾ overwhelm
ñoño Masculine ɲˈoɲo namby-pamby
chanza Feminine t͡ʃˈanθa prank
ola Feminine ˈola wave
demente Masculine demˈɛnte insane
genio Masculine xˈenjo genius
novato Masculine noβˈato rookie
peña Feminine pˈeɲa group of people
pellizcar pˌeʎiθkˈaɾ pinch
resaca Feminine ɾɾesˈaka hangover
tiquismiquis tˌikismˈikis fussy
vacilar bˌaθilˈaɾ joke, mess with
tostón Masculine tostˈon boring
yuyú ʝujjˈu bad feeling
pica pica Masculine pˈika pˈika small meal, tapas style
madrugar mˌaðɾuɣˈaɾ get up early
computadora Feminine kˌomputaðˈoɾa computer
arroba Feminine aɾɾˈoβa at (@)
grogui ɡɾˈoɣi groggy
trámite Masculine tɾˈamite formality
chimichurri t͡ʃˌimit͡ʃˈuɾɾi chimichurri (sauce)
macarra Masculine/Feminine makˈaɾɾa thug
bruja Feminine bɾˈuxa witch
bullicio Masculine buʎˈiθjo bustle
mequetrefe Masculine/Feminine mˌeketɾˈefe whippersnapper
mosca Feminine mˈoska fly
leche Feminine lˈet͡ʃe milk
forrarse foɾɾˈaɾse get rich, make a lot of money
galleta Feminine ɡaʎˈeta cookie
murciélago Masculine muɾθjˈelaɣo bat
mariquita Feminine mˌaɾikˈita ladybug
vituperio Masculine bˌitupˈeɾjo insult
bizcocho Masculine biθkˈot͡ʃo cake (sponge cake style)
zigzaguear θˌiɣθaɣeˈaɾ zigzag
lima Feminine lima Lime
zanahoria Feminine zanaɔɾja Carrot
tocayo Masculine tɔkɛjo A person who has the same first name as you
concha Feminine kõʃa shell
ciempiés Masculine sjɑ̃pje centipede
cebolla Feminine səbɔla onion
patata Feminine patata potato
mojado mɔʒado wet
arco iris Masculine aɾko iɾi rainbow
hortera ɔɾtəɾa tacky
barbas Masculine baɾba somebody with a beard

Funny Spanish phrases and things to say in Spanish

What do a goat, a chicken and a turkey have in common? No, it’s not an article about animals in Spanish, these are just funny Spanish sayings!

Berlitz Spanish in-person group language class where students are writing down funny Spanish sayings.

Spanish IPA Literal meaning Actual meaning
Ser una gallina sˈer ˈuna ɡaʎˈina To be a hen To be a chicken
Estar en la edad del pavo estˈaɾ ˈen lˈa eðˈad dˈel pˈaβo To be in the turkey’s age To be a difficult/typical teenager
Estar como una cabra estˈaɾ kˈomo ˈuna kˈaβɾa To be like a goat To be crazy
Tener memoria de pez tenˈeɾ memˈoɾja dˈe pˈeθ To have the memory of a fish To have bad memory
No me importa un pepino/pimiento nˈo mˈe impˈoɾta ˈun pepˈino/pimjˈɛnto It does not matter a cucumber/pepper to me I don’t care
Ser pan comido sˈer pˈan komˈiðo To be eaten bread To be a piece of cake
Estar de mala leche estˈaɾ dˈe mˈala lˈet͡ʃe To be in bad milk To be in a bad mood
No tener ni pies ni cabeza nˈo tenˈeɾ nˈi pjˈes nˈi kaβˈeθa Without feed or head Not logic, something that doesn’t make sense
No hay color nˈo ˈa͡ɪ kolˈoɾ There is no color You can’t compare
Tu media naranja tˈu mˈeðja naɾˈaŋxa Your half orange Your other half
Temblar como un flan temblˈaɾ kˈomo ˈun flˈan To shake like a pudding To be very nervous
Ponerse como un tomate ponˈeɾse kˈomo ˈun tomˈate To turn like a tomato To get red
Dar la vuelta a la tortilla dˈaɾ lˈa bwˈelta ˈa lˈa toɾtˈiʎa To turn the omelette around To change a situation
Ser un bombón sˈer ˈun bombˈon To be a candy To be very attractive
Tirar la casa por la ventana tiɾˈaɾ lˈa kˈasa pˈoɾ lˈa bentˈana To throw the house by the window To spend a lot of money, sparing no expense
Ponerse las pilas ponˈeɾse lˈas pˈilas To put in the batteries To focus, to wake up
Hablando del Rey de Roma aβlˈando dˈel ɾɾˈe͡ɪ dˈe ɾɾˈoma Speaking of the King of Rome Speaking of the devil
Tomar el pelo tomˈaɾ ˈel pˈelo To take someone’s hair Pulling your leg
Irse por las ramas ˈiɾse pˈoɾ lˈas ɾɾˈamas To go through the branches To beat around the bush
Creerse la última Coca-Cola del desierto kɾeˈeɾse lˈa ˈultima kˈoka-kˈola dˈel desjˈeɾto To think of oneself as the last Coca-Cola in the desert To be full of oneself
Feliz como una lombriz felˈiθ kˈomo ˈuna lombɾˈiθ Happy as a worm To be super happy, happy as a clam
Meter la pata metˈeɾ lˈa pˈata To put in the paw To mess up
No tener pelos en la lengua nˈo tenˈeɾ pˈelos ˈen lˈa lˈɛŋɡwa To not having hair on the tongue To be outspoken
Echarse al agua et͡ʃˈaɾse ˈal ˈaɣwa To get in the water To tie the knot
Dar la lata dˈaɾ lˈa lˈata To give the can To annoy, to bother
Comiendo moscas komjˈɛndo mˈoskas Eating flies To speak aimlessly or go off on tangents
Buena onda bwˈena ˈonda Good wave Good vibes
Ojo ˈoxo Eye Careful, watch yourself
Vale bˈale Costs, avails OK, agreed

Free and fun quiz to make you laugh out loud!

Download this free quiz and try to guess the funny Spanish words and phrases. Once you've completed the quiz, scan the QR code... you'll be amazed at the answers!

Free funny Spanish words and phrases quiz.

Funny facts about Spanish

  1. Spanish has two ways of saying I love you: “Te quiero” and “Te amo”. You can discover other ways to express your amor here.
  2. Speaking of love, the Spanish accent is considered one of the sexiest in the world, and the Spanish language is known as one of the most romantic languages.
  3. The roots of Spanish are not 100% Latin. Arabic is the second largest contributor!
  4. Modern Spanish has a funny way of integrating English. The pronunciation stays the same, but the spelling is “españolizado”. Examples include fútbol (football) and suéter (sweater).
  5. The longest word in Spanish has 31 letters. Ready? Take a deep breath and try to say this: sternocleidooccipitomastoideos. Bless you. Oh, by the way, it’s a small muscle in your neck.
  6. Watch out for false friends, the most infamous being constipado. If someone tells you that he/she is constipado(a), he/she is not sharing some private, kind of inappropriate bowel information. He/she… just has a cold!
  7. The USA could become the country with the largest Spanish-speaking population by 2050, according to some predictions.

Funny Spanish slang

To finish our list of fun Spanish sayings and words, here is a brief selection of funny Spanish slang. Not enough? We have over 159 more Spanish slang words in this article.

Parties are great for practicing funny Spanish words and Spanish slang.

Spanish IPA Actual meaning
bocachancla bˌokat͡ʃˈankla Big mouth
bobalicón bˌoβalikˈon Goofy
calimocho kˌalimˈot͡ʃo Drink made of wine and coca cola
cantamañanas kˌantamaɲˈanas Somebody who says things he doesn’t do or that are not true
chachi t͡ʃˈat͡ʃi Great, fun
chibolo t͡ʃiβˈolo Kid
chichinabo t͡ʃˌit͡ʃinˈaβo Without value
chilindrón t͡ʃˌilindɾˈon Stew
chiquichanca t͡ʃˌikit͡ʃˈanka Swain
chirimbolo t͡ʃˌiɾimbˈolo Rare object without a name
churumbel t͡ʃˌuɾumbˈel Small child
cierrabares θjˌeɾɾaβˈaɾes Somebody who stays up late
cuchitril kˌut͡ʃitɾˈil Small and dirty room or house
cuchufleta kˌut͡ʃuflˈeta Burlesque
gayumbos ɡajjˈumbos Underpants
gilipichis xˌilipˈit͡ʃis Foolish
gordinflón ɡˌoɾðimflˈon Chubby
guaperas ɡwapˈeɾas Handsome
guiri ɡˈiɾi Tourist
mamarracho mˌamaɾɾˈat͡ʃo Monstrosity
meapilas mˌeapˈilas Someone who is very devoted (religiously)
pajarraco pˌaxaɾɾˈako A smart person
pamplina pamplˈina Lie, shenanigans
pelele pelˈele Wimp
picapleitos pˌikaplˈe͡ɪtos Shyster
pichabrava pˌit͡ʃaβɾˈaβa A very attractive man
pipiolo pipjˈolo A young person without experience
soplagaitas sˌoplaɣˈa͡ɪtas A stupid person
pinchaúvas pˌint͡ʃaˈuβas A despicable person
duro dˈuɾo Money
tío tˈio Dude
pijo pˈixo Snobbish
mola mˈola It’s great
chaval, chavala t͡ʃaβˈal, t͡ʃaβˈala Kid, young person
majo mˈaxo Nice
chulo t͡ʃˈulo Great
guay ɡwˈa͡ɪ Great
cutre kˈutɾe Poor quality
friki fɾˈiki Nerd, freaky

Funny Spanish sayings literally translated

Have a look at these videos for a literal translation of Spanish sayings — Spain and Latin America included!

See, learning Spanish can be divertido! If you’re planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country, try to learn a few of these funny things to say in Spanish. The face of your hispanophone friends will be priceless!

Just keep in mind some of these sayings and words are not used everywhere. Check out our list of Spanish slang for Latin America and other expressions for different Spanish speaking countries and regions.

Hopefully, you won’t have a memoria de pez, and you will remember a few of these funny Spanish phrases and words! With our vocab articles, learning Spanish será pan comido.

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