Learn how to talk easily with other Australian people

We will help you learn new phrases that Australians use, and improve your ability to understand local pronunciation and common phrases in Australia, which we use both in business situations and when out socialising.

G'day mate. So ya wanna sound like a local do ya?

Have you found it difficult to understand Australians when they talk with each other at work, or when you're out with friends?   

We can help you improve your English speaking skills to start using more Australian phrases, idioms and conversation styles. We have three different course levels designed for learners who are low, intermediate or advanced.  

If you want to learn how to make new friends by sounding natural, relaxed and friendly so you fit in with the Australian way of talking, then call Berlitz now.

          "C'mon mate, what are ya waitin' for?  Just 'ave a go!"

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