Berlitz cultural training solutions

Creating an organisation that is culturally aware of the challenges of operating in an increasingly global environment can be a daunting task. Smart business leaders understand that effective communication across cultures can improve the cohesiveness within a business, without taking away from the diversity that is a valuable asset in your workforce. 

Preparing employees to be capable of adapting quickly to any new culture or environment they are interacting with can start with simple workshops or introductory sessions to increase mutual respect and appreciation about people from different backgrounds.  

Berlitz can customise your cultural training program to enable your teams to assess and understand their own cultural preferences, how they think and interact with other people in the organisation and with suppliers and clients. 

Our cultural programs include:

  • Online analysis tools such as our own Cultural Navigator
  • Cultural coaching for individual executives taking on senior leadership roles
  • Instructor-led training sessions designed for specific industries and needs
  • International assignment programs for expatriate staff and their family members
  • Identifying behavioural styles, strategies and tactics to be successful in negotations
  • How to effectively manage employees remotely or virtually across borders
  • Ability to deliver training across Australia and worldwide through the Berlitz network

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