Private Charter groups

If you form your own small private group with 2 or 3 friends, colleagues or family members, you can share the experience and fun of learning together. All private groups also have the advantage of customised content to suit your goals, learning style, and on your terms for the schedule, location and lesson format.

Start your own private group

By learning in your own private group, you have the advantage of sharing the learning with other people you already know, and still benefit from having a flexible schedule and course content that is tailored to suit your needs. 

Because your group is so small compared to many large groups found in public colleges, you can still learn new skills and progress quickly. Lessons are always engaging, fun, and very effective to practise your new skills immediately - all at a lower cost per person.  

Private Charter Groups are available for all English courses and Foreign Language programs, all around Australia.  

Many of our customers have tried to learn a foreign language at a public course, only to find that they missed a few classes due to other urgent commitments for work or personal reasons.  You will never have this problem at Berlitz - you can choose your own schedule and change it every week to suit your needs and availability. You can adjust the duration and intensity of lessons to suit the needs of each person in the group. 

Benefits of Private Charter Groups:  

  • Since our private groups are much smaller with only 2-5 people in each group, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn new skills
  • Fully flexible schedule so you choose to learn on any day or evening, and change your timetable
  • Personalised attention with 100% lesson time learning – you are the centre of attention!
  • Adjust the intensity so the learning pace is based on people's preferred style
  • Content topics & skills that can be tailored to suit specific needs
  • Highly trained Berlitz native-speaking instructors
  • All language levels are available from beginner to advanced
  • Classes can be held in our training centre, in your office or at home – or combine these options

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