These course enrolment policy terms and conditions apply to all Berlitz programs that are otherwise not subject to contract terms and conditions that may accompany individual Berlitz corporate agreements. Absent of another prevailing agreement, any individual or organisation enrolled in a Berlitz course or service agrees to the following terms that will always apply.

Course Enrolment Terms & Conditions

  1. Berlitz lessons can be rescheduled for any reason providing that sufficient notice is provided by the individual learner.
  2. For lessons provided in Australia in-person (face-to-face) or online with one of our Berlitz instructors located in Australia, if you want to make any change to the scheduled lesson time or if you wish to cancel a lesson booking then this must be made no later than 5pm (17:00) AEST the previous normal business/working day (Monday to Friday).
  3. Any cancellation or rescheduling notice as per above must be made in writing by email or contacting the Berlitz office in Sydney by phone.
  4. If notification is received after the 5pm deadline, the student will still be charged for the lesson scheduled and that lesson time is deducted from the remaining balance due to late cancellation.
  5. For lessons provide via the global Berlitz Live Online platform, any rescheduling or cancellation for Private Programs (1:1) must be made via the portal at least 24 hours or more in advance. This policy is strictly enforced in accordance with global Berlitz policies.

Cancellation:  Students may cancel their Enrollment and receive a full refund of all tuition fees paid if notice of cancellation is received within 3 days of the scheduled training start date. Registration and coursebook/material fees are not refundable.

Program Cancellation: If Berlitz cancels a program subsequent to a student’s enrollment, all monies paid will be refunded.

No Show: If an enrolled student does not arrive for their scheduled lesson (in-person or online) then the teacher will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. Berlitz staff or the teacher will attempt to contact the student directly by email or phone/text message. If there is no response or reply within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time then that lesson is cancelled and the time is deducted from the student lesson balance.

Withdrawal or termination: Students are eligible for a refund of any unused or remaining tuition fees on their course enrolment within six (6) months of their enrolment date.

How to request a Refund: If a student wants to request a refund, they need to contact the Berlitz Australia office admin staff by email or phone to notify them of the request. A Refund Request form will be sent via email to be filled in and signed by the student (digital signature is acceptable). Once the Refund Request form has been returned to the Berlitz office admin staff, the refund will be processed and paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the date it was received. A refund processing fee of $100 applies to any refund request and will be deducted from the final refund amount.

*** Please note: any amount paid for coursebook or digital learning materials, registration fees, accommodation, agency fees or other service fees and local taxes (GST) are not refundable.***

Additional refund provisions:

· Enrollment agreement terms are contracted specific to each program and are based upon the course duration and schedule.

· For Corporate contracts, course expiry terms are made to comply with each specific corporate agreement and can vary depending on the scale and agreed terms.

· If any customer fails to fully pay their invoice within the agreed payment terms then their enrolment can be cancelled by Berlitz Australia.

In the event that a corporate account becomes more than thirty (30) days past the stated due date on the invoice, it may be turned over to a third-party collection agency or referred for legal action. If an account is turned over for collections, you will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees associated with the collection of the debt. By enrolling in a Berlitz course, and by providing Berlitz with your phone number(s), you agree that Berlitz has your express, written consent to provide your phone number(s) to third party debt collectors in the event of delinquency on your account. You acknowledge that phone numbers provided to Berlitz will be used by third-party debt collectors to contact you, should you become delinquent on your account, for the purpose of discussing the delinquency and attempting to collect on the debt.

Live Online Private courses - for Private 1-to-1 language programs, a refund is available for any unused remaining lessons available in the course balance.

Live Online Open Group courses - A refund of enrollment in an online group course is only available up until 3 working/business days prior to the start of that course. There is no refund available after this time, or during the program itself, in accordance with global Berlitz Live Online policy terms & conditions. You cannot switch to another course group once the 3-day period has been reached should you change your mind.

Berlitz Flex - A refund of the enrollment is only available within 7 days of your enrollment being processed. You cannot have a refund if you have already completed the first 1:1 live coaching session in the program.