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  • Learn to speak another language and travel the world.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access convenient for you.
  • Try French, Spanish, German or English.

Flexible way to learn English, French, German or Spanish

  • Learn whenever you want with 36 on-demand self-study lessons available online 24/7.
  • Choose the pace that best suits your needs and availability.
  • Fast-track your learning with extra activities, reviews and checkpoints. 
  • Book your 1-to-1 online lessons at times that suit you.

One-on-One Live Lessons

  • 20 live 1-on-1 lessons with experienced Berlitz instructors available 24/7.
  • Immediate feedback and correction ensure you're making quick progress.
  • You practice speaking on everyday real-life conversations that match your learning path.
  • Instructors are dedicated to keep you speaking and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Focus only on speaking & pronunciation skills

  • Innovative A.I. speech recognition gives you freedom to practice on your own before talking with others in your new language.
  • Fine-tune your pronunciation accuracy to ensure every word in a sentence is correct. 
  • Practice speaking with complete sentences, not just vocabulary lists.
  • Courses for Berlitz English 1-4 & Business English 5-8, French, Spanish and German speaking skills.

See how Berlitz Flex works

How you will learn with Berlitz Flex

Step 1:

Log-in to the new MyBerlitz self-learning platform to access all of your content, bookings and monitor progress.

Step 2:

Complete two self-study speaking lessons. You can choose these in any order to suit your needs.

Step 3:

After finishing 2 self-study lessons, book your 1-to-1 online class with a Berlitz instructor at any time.

Step 4:

Boost your learning progress with extra activities at your own pace.

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