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Forward-looking Statements

This website may contain some forward-looking statements, which include but not limited to statements with respect to the Company’s business operation strategy; statements with respect to the network expansion plan (including proposed capital investment relating thereto); statements with respect to the new-generation communication technology and other technologies the Company plans to develop and related applications; statements with respect to anticipated impact of fee changes on operating results of the Company; statements with respect to the impact of competition on operating results of the Company; statements of future development of the telecom industry in Australia (including industry restructuring and governmental policy changes); and other statements with respect to future business development and operating results of the Company. When statements contain “anticipate”, “believe”, project”, “expect”, “intend” and other similar words, all these words imply forward-looking statements as long as they relate to the Company.

These forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties. The Company does not guarantee ongoing updating of these forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements represent the Company’s current views of future events and do not constitute any guarantee of future performance of business. Actual results may materially deviate from forward-looking statements due to many factors, which include but not limited to: further restructuring of the telecom industry in Australia; changes in regulatory policies of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant government agencies that have an impact on governmental approvals and permissions required, connection and transmission line arrangements, fee policy, priority level of capital investments and spectrum allocation; impact of competition on telecom services provided by the Company and prices; changes in telecom technology and related technologies that have an impact on the survivability and competitiveness of the communication network of the Company; and changes in politics, economy, law and society in Australia, including changes in Australia government’s policies on telecom industry access, foreign investment in the telecom industry and foreign companies’ entry into Australia telecom market, economic growth, inflation, foreign exchange and available line of credit. In addition, future network expansion and other capital investments and development plans of the Company are subject to many factors, including but not limited to the availability of sufficient financing on acceptable terms and conditions; availability of sufficient space to install network equipment on reasonable commercial conditions; our ability to develop and acquire new technologies and their applications; and availability of qualified managerial and technical personnel.

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