General English program

Become confident using English in social and everyday business situations. The General English course, available in both the daytime and/or evenings, provides you with intensive development of practical, real-world English.

What will you learn in the General English course?

Our General English program will help you:

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Develop your grammar
  • Speak with accuracy, fluency and confidence
  • Improve your reading and comprehension
  • Develop your writing skills
  • Understand formal and informal English
  • Electives include pronunciation, vocabulary, active listening

Minimum entry requirement

You must be able to read and write the English alphabet, introduce yourself and exchange simple information to enter the Elementary Level.

Course Format

  • Duration:           12 weeks up to 52 weeks
  • Day Program:   22.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Times:               08:45 to 14:00
  • Evening:            20 hours per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Times:                16:30 to 20:50
  • Class:                 14-18 per class
  • Fees: Tuition:     $250 to $380 per week
  • Application fee: $250 (once-only)

How do I move up an English level?

To make sure your English classes are challenging and suited to your ability, you are assessed throughout the course. The standard of your classwork and your test results at the end of each 5-week session help determine your next class level. Each level is 10 weeks long, but there is flexibility to move up at the end of every five weeks depending on your individual performance.

Is higher education your goal?

When you begin your studies in General English, after a minimum five weeks of study at Lower Intermediate level you can take the Academic English entry test. Successful completion of the Academic English Program prepares you for higher education in Australia.

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