Successful business people need to speak with confidence!

If you want to be successful in business then having confident communication skills are essential. If you've found it difficult to communicate in English with clients or colleagues, then we can help you learn effective skills that will ensure you achieve higher performance in your role.

Business language skills 

Many people who come to Australia to work realise they need to improve their use of English communication skills for their job, whether in their office, or when meeting with customers, suppliers, or colleagues. 

Our Business Language & Communication skills courses are all customised for office workers at all levels, right up to C-Level executives. All of our Business Language customers have an urgent need to improve their use of English quickly.  This could include be:

  • Pronunciation - so customers can better understand
  • Listening - so you can better understand what colleagues and clients are saying 
  • Business vocabulary - speak and use many professional phrases to impress others
  • Email writing - make sure you include all the details, and learn how to use the right tone, phrases, for a different situation
  • Presentations in English - learn how to impress an audience with confidence 
  • Managing employees - how to communicate with employees using the appropriate language for different situations
  • Negotiate in English - make the best deal for business
  • Networking in English - how to talk with people you don't know, and impress them.

Why you should learn with Berlitz

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