A safe and fun way to learn a language

Berlitz online language classes for kids provide a safe and efficient way to learn a new language. 

Learning a second language at a young age enhances cognitive abilities and increases confidence in children now that will last them a lifetime. 

Affordable small group options that your children can join.

Share the learning experience with siblings together, or start a group with friends and classmates to share the cost.

Berlitz online groups are fun

Online small group options

VIP Small Group (2-4 kids)

  • Faster learning with a social experience
  • Focus on specific needs of each person in group
  • Suitable for siblings or friends to study together
  • Full course level is 40 X 45mins. lessons
  • Shorter course options of 10 or 20 lessons also available
  • Available: English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Japanese.

Open Small Group (4-6 kids)

  • Social, fun & dynamic learning
  • Interactive, friendly challenges
  • Develop key social skills with other children of similar age
  • Learn speaking skills, listening & reading
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Available for English, French, Spanish, German.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Berlitz Kids & Teens groups are based on age and existing skill level. Age brackets for the group and learning content is based on 4-7yo, 8-11yo, 12-15yo, 16+.

  • The exact day and time will vary for each course. Groups are based on region, so other kids may be based in Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, etc.
  • Your Berlitz consultant will advise you of the schedule time before your child enrols.  
  • The lesson schedule for the group is fixed. 

Yes. They can join one of the available semi-private groups, or you can create a Private Kids Charter Group, which is exclusively just for your children and/or their classmates. 

Please contact us to discuss this option. 

  • The VIP Semi-Private group (2-3 students) is $990pp, just under @$25 a lesson.
  • Open Small Groups (4-6 students) is $990pp, just over @$12 a lesson for the 80-lesson course.
  • For Private Charter Groups, please contact our office.

There are several options to pay the tuition fee:

  • Pay the invoice online directly with any debit/credit card.
  • Pay by direct EFT deposit to the Berlitz bank account or via Paypal.
  • Pay by installments spread out over 2 months, 3 or 4 months via Openpay. 

Contact us for more details

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