54 dreamy ways to say good night and good evening in Spanish

If you want to up your sleeping game, you need to learn these 54 ways to say good night in Spanish.

Sleeping is one of the most amazing human activities. Not only does it help us replenish our strength and optimize our brain functions, but it also feels amazing. Let’s be honest, I can’t be the only one who has felt like listing “napping” as one of my hobbies when asked to introduce myself to the rest of the class at the beginning of the semester!

Besides helping you feel well rested (and feeling great!), getting a good night’s sleep can help boost your memory. This means that, if you want to learn Spanish fast, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial.

So, in this article, we’re going to go over 50+ ways to say good night in Spanish so you can hit the sack whenever your body tells you it’s time for some rest!

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How to say good night in Spanish

Now, what you actually came here for: how to say good night in Spanish. Let’s start with the basics. Below, you’ll find eight of the most common and useful phrases.

Father reads to his daughter before he has to say goodnight in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Good night Buenas noches ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Have a good night Que tengas una linda noche ˈke ˈtenɡas ˈuna ˈlinda ˈnoʧe keh tehn-gas ooh-nah leen-dah noh-che
Good night, my friend Buenas noches, amigo ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | aˈmiɣo boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, ah-me-go
Have a good night (formal) Que tenga muy buenas noches ˈke ˈtenɡa muj ˈβwenaz ˈnoʧes keh tehn-gas oo-nah mooy boo-eh-nah noh-che
Bye, good night Adiós, buenas noches aˈðjos | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes ah-dee-os, boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Thank you, good night Gracias, buenas noches ˈɡɾasjas | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes grah-see-ahs, boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Okay, good night Okey, buenas noches oˈkej | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes Oh-kay, boo-eh-nahs noh-ches
Good night, everyone Buenas noches a todos ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes a ˈtoðos boo-eh-nahs noh-ches ah toe-dos

Romantic or flirty good night in Spanish

Everyone has different reasons to learn Spanish, and many choose to learn the language when they get in a relationship with a Spanish speaker. Others may naturally find a partner as they travel through the Spanish-speaking countries. Others may not even have a Spanish-speaking partner, but why not spice things up with some romantic Spanish phrases?

Whatever the case may be, here are some cute and flirty ways to say good night! If you want to take things further, make sure to check out our blog on Spanish terms of endearment and create your own special way of saying good night to your significant other!

A romantic or flirty good night in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Good night, my love Buenas noches, mi amor ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | mj aˈmoɾ boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, me ah-more
Good night, sweet dreams Buenas noches, dulces sueños ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | ˈdulses ˈsweɲos boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, dool-sehs soo-eh-nyohs
Good night, beautiful Buenas noches, hermosa ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | eɾˈmosa boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, air-mo-sah
Good night, handsome Buenas noches, guapo ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | ˈɡwapo boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, goo-ah-po
Good night, my heart Buenas noches, corazón ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | koɾaˈson boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, co-rah-zon
Good night, baby Buenas noches, bebé ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | beˈβe boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, beh-beh
Good night, sweetie Buenas noches, lindura ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | linˈduɾ boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, leen-doo-rah
Good night, princess Buenas noches, princesa ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | pɾinˈsesa boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, preen-seh-sah
Good night, my prince Buenas noches, mi príncipe ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | mi ˈpɾinsipe boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, me preen-see-peh
Dream of me Sueña conmigo ˈsweɲa komˈmiɣo soo-eh-nyah con me-go

Other greetings for a good evening/night in Spanish

Besides the typical ways of saying good night, there are many other phrases that Spanish speakers use to convey the same meaning. Just as you can use phrases like “sleep tight” in English to say good night, there are many similar phrases in Spanish.

A cat having sweet dreams in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Have a good evening Que pases buena noche ˈke ˈpasez ˈβwena ˈnoʧe keh pah-sehs boo-eh-nah no-che
Sweet dreams Dulces sueños ˈdulses ˈsweɲos dool-sehs soo-eh-nyos
I hope you rest well Que descanses ˈke ðesˈkanses keh des-cahn-sehs
Rest well Descansa desˈkansa des-cahn-sah
Until tomorrow Hasta mañana ˈasta maˈɲana ahs-tah mah-nyah-nah
See you tomorrow Nos vemos mañana noz ˈβemoz maˈɲana nos veh-mos mah-nyah-nah
I hope you sleep well Que duermas bien ˈke ˈðweɾmaz ˈβjen keh doo-air-mas bee-ehn
Sleep well Duerme bien ˈdweɾme ˈβjen doo-air-meh bee-ehn
I hope you dream Que sueñes con los angelitos ˈke ˈsweɲes kon los anxeˈlitos keh soo-eh-nyes con los ahn-heh-lee-toes
I’m going to bed Ya me voy a dormir ʝa me ˈβoj a ðoɾˈmiɾ ya meh voy ah door meer
I’m going to go rest Ya me voy a descansar ʝa me ˈβoj a ðeskanˈsaɾ ya me voy ah des-cahn-sar
Have a nice night Linda noche ˈlinda ˈnoʧe leen-da no-che
Have a happy night Feliz noche feˈliz ˈnoʧe feh-leez no-che
Time for me to go to sleep Hora de irme a dormir ˈoɾa ðe ˈiɾme a ðoɾˈmiɾ oh-rah deh eer ah door-meer
I’ll see you in the morning Nos vemos por la mañana noz ˈβemos poɾ la maˈɲana nos veh-mos pore lah mah-nyah-nah

Slang phrases to say good night 

You already know that you’re gonna have to learn some Spanish slang if you really want to sound like a native. So, here are a few slang ways to say good night in Spanish. Keep in mind that none of these are vulgar, though they are pretty informal. So, it’s best to avoid using these in a formal setting, such as your workplace.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation Explanation
This doll is going to a different dresser Este muñeco cambia de aparador ˈeste muˈɲeko ˈkambja ðe apaɾaˈðoɾ ehs-teh moo-nyeh-co cahm-bee-ah deh ah-pah-rah-door Slang way to say you’re going to bed
This teddy bear is going back to its box Este osito de peluche se va para su estuche ˈeste oˈsito ðe peˈluʧe se ˈβa ˈpaɾa sw esˈtuʧe ehs-teh oh-see-toe deh peh-loo-che seh vah pah-rah sue ehs-too-che Slang way to say you’re going to bed
I’m going to the envelope Me voy al sobre me ˈβoj al ˈsoβɾe meh voy al so-breh Slang way to say you’re going to bed
I’m off to the dance with the white sheets Me voy al baile de las sábanas blancas me ˈβoj al ˈβajle ðe las ˈsaβanaz ˈβlankas meh voy al bah-e-leh deh las sah-bah-nahs blahn-cas Slang way to say you’re going to bed
I slept like a log Dormí como un tronco doɾˈmi ˈkomo wn ˈtɾonko door-me co-mo oon trohn-co Means that you slept very deeply
I fell dead Caí muerto kaˈi ˈmweɾto cah-e moo-air-toe Means that you slept very deeply

Other sleep phrases in Spanish

Along with good night, you’ll want to learn a few more sleep phrases in Spanish when talking about sleep habits. Maybe you want to talk about your dreams or ask your friends if they slept well. Here are some useful words and phrases related to sleep in Spanish.

Man looking into the fridge for a midnight snack in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Midnight snack Bocadillo de media noche bokaˈðiʝo ðe ˈmeðja ˈnoʧe bo-cah-dee-yo deh meh-dee-ah no-che
Bedtime Hora de dormir ˈoɾa ðe ðoɾˈmiɾ oh-ra deh door-meer
Go to bed Vete a dormir ˈbete a ðoɾˈmiɾ veh-teh ah door-meer
I’m going to put on pajamas Me voy a poner pijamas me ˈβoj a poˈneɾ piˈxamas meh voy ah poh-nair pee-ya-mas
Let’s go to bed Hay que dormirnos ˈaj ˈke ðoɾˈmiɾnos ah-e keh door-meer-nos
I need to get some rest Necesito descansar neseˈsito ðeskanˈsaɾ neh-seh-see-toe des-can-sar
I’m going to lie down Me voy a acostar me ˈβoj a akosˈtaɾ meh voy ah ah-cos-tar
Are you sleepy? ¿Tienes sueño? ˈtjenes ˈsweɲo ‖ tee-eh-nehs soo-eh-nyoh
I am tired Estoy cansado esˈtoj kanˈsaðo ehs-toy can-sah-doe
Do you want to go to bed? ¿Ya te quieres dormir? ʝa te ˈkjeɾez ðoɾˈmiɾ ‖ ya teh key-air-ehs door-meer
To pull an all-nighter Quedarse despierto toda la noche keˈðaɾse ðesˈpjeɾto ˈtoða la ˈnoʧe keh-dar-seh des-pee-air-toe toe-da la no-che
Dreams Sueños ˈsweɲos soo-eh-nyohs
Insomnia Insomnio inˈsomnjo een-som-nee-oh
I can’t sleep No puedo dormir ˈno ˈpweðo ðoɾˈmiɾ no poo-eh-doe door-meer
I’m falling asleep Se me están cerrando los ojos se me esˈtan seˈrando los ˈoxos seh meh ehs-tan seh-ran-doe los oh-hos
Nightmares Pesadillas pesaˈðiʝas peh-sa-dee-yas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you say good evening in Spanish?

Unlike English, Spanish doesn’t differentiate between good evening and good night. So, in order to say “good evening” as a greeting, you would use the same phrase you would use for a farewell: buenas noches.

Do you say good night in Spanish?

Sure! You can usually say “good night” in Spanish and most people will understand you. Though not everyone in Spanish-speaking countries is fluent in English, most would understand simple words and phrases like good night.

In fact, you may be surprised to hear some English as you travel through Latin America. it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “hello,” “thank you,” and “good morning” in everyday interactions amongst Spanish speakers!

Why is good night plural in Spanish?

Many English speakers wonder why buenas noches is plural, even if you only mean it for one night in particular.

While the origins of this phrase are muddy, the most accepted theory behind why good night is plural in Spanish is that it’s short for a longer phrase: “buenas noches os dé Dios.” This phrase can be translated to “good nights may god bestow upon you.”

So, the original phrase implied that you wish them a good night tonight and on all subsequent nights!

The same is true for saying good morning in Spanish, as the phrase is also plural (buenos días).

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Time to call it a night–in Spanish!

Now that you’re familiar with dozens of ways to say good night, it’s time to start practicing them! You can use these anytime you’re saying goodbye in Spanish to someone you won’t be seeing again for the rest of the day and after the sun has set.

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