Our language school in Krakow empowers you to explore new horizons in Germany and beyond through German language learning. We offer a diverse set of courses to suit your individual preferences.

Benefits of learning German in Krakow

  • German is extensively used in professional environments and is the second most commonly spoken language in the European Union.
  • Proficiency in German opens up a wider array of job opportunities in multicultural settings.
  • Learning German enables you to connect with German-speaking individuals and their culture.
  • Knowledge of German grants you access to a broader range of educational institutions and resources.

In-person German courses in Krakow

Our in-person classes come with a range of options, each with its unique set of benefits.

Private classes

Define your goals and engage in personalized sessions with a native-fluent instructor who will assist you in attaining them. Receive undivided attention, instant feedback, and access to all the necessary resources to support your journey towards fluency.

Group classes

Experience the social and dynamic atmosphere of our group classes. Learn and communicate in German alongside fellow learners who share common interests. Guided by your instructor, you will actively participate in real-life conversations.

Intensive classes

For those who enjoy challenging themselves and want to make rapid progress, the intensive course is the ideal choice. With full-day lessons, this program is specifically designed to expedite your journey to becoming a fluent German speaker.

Online German classes

We understand that life can be busy, which is why we extend the same advantages of in-person classes to our online courses as well. With our online German classes, you can learn from anywhere, including the convenience of your own living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can attend German language classes at our Berlitz language center in Krakow. Our language school is conveniently located in the Biprostal office center at 57 Królewska Street.

Berlitz provides intensive language courses known as Total Immersion. These courses are ideal if you desire rapid German language acquisition, as they offer the quickest and most effective method to become proficient in a new language.

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