The safety and health of our camp participants and their families as well as of our team are always our utmost priority! We are doing our best to guarantee that our language camps can go ahead in a safe environment.

We are continuously assessing the current situation and are following the provisions and guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the responsible authorities in Germany (BZgA). Below you will find important information about your booking and our hygiene concept.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Yes, you can book without worries! The safety and health of our camp participants and their families as well as of our team are always our utmost priority! Of course, all camps take place in compliance with the current requirements of the authorities and a comprehensive hygiene plan, which has already proven itself.

We assume that our Language Camps can proceed in compliance with the requirements of the IfSG (Infection Protection Act) and the applicable regulations at the time of camp. Since the requirements may still change, we might receive new information from our guest houses at short notice before the camp starts on how the applicable rules will be implemented in their accommodation. We will notify all participants of any last minute changes per email.

Should it become necessary for Berlitz to cancel, you are assured a refund of the tour price or a credit note for a later tour date.

As things stand, Berlitz runs Kids & Teens language camps according to the 3G regulation (fully vaccinated, recovered or tested). Depending on the camp location, accommodation and the respective infection situation, there may be additional individual rules and regulations.

Since the situation can change at any time, you will receive specific instructions and requirements for your booked camp either with the travel information for download or sent to you by e-mail shortly before the start of your trip. We will also be happy to inform you personally.

For your coverage in case of illness or quarantine, we recommend the insurance "Berlitz Deutschlandschutz" and "Corona Zusatzschutz". Contact us for more information on this.

If a camp cannot take place, we will inform you by e-mail at least 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

In case of cancellation by Berlitz, the language camps are covered as package tours according to German travel law. You will then receive a full refund of your payment or a credit for a later travel date. You can download the "Formblatt zur Information bei Pauschalreisen" ("Information form for package tours") here.

We also offer travel cancellation insurance plus Corona additional protection - please contact our team for further information about this.

Berlitz Kids Camps Hygiene Measures

What we are doing for the safety of your child:

  1. Before the camp starts, the entire team will be trained on the individual challenges of the camp programming in reducing infection risk. In addition, they will familiarize themselves with the hygiene policy and be tested according to the applicable regulations prior to arrival.
  2. Whenever possible, check-in will take place outdoors; measures will be in place to avoid queues. The Meet & Greet for parents has been canceled. We will ensure that all participants fulfil the requirements of the local authorities upon arrival. There will be a family-friendly welcome for our camp participants in German.
  3. In the event that a team member is unwell or has had contact with coronavirus, we have a back-up team, who can substitute on short notice.
  4. The youth hostels and guest houses have their own hygiene measures. Our groups are bound to these measures. If needed, you can get this information from the respective guest house. The local hygiene plan also includes the testing intervals required at the time of camp. The Berlitz team supervises the children during necessary self-tests.
  5. If a corona case is suspected during the stay, isolation rooms are available. The local health authority will be informed immediately. They determine any further actions to be taken. Parents will be informed promptly as well. 
  6. The number of children per room will be limited to the number of persons from separate households, who are allowed to meet, according to the current contact restrictions.
  7. In case that the contact restrictions are still valid, rooms will be assigned after the lesson groups have been arranged, so that the children from one room have lessons together. Should your child wish to be together with a friend or sibling, this is related to training in the same knowledge level. Children of one lesson group spend the afternoon and evenings together with one trainer/counsellor for the whole camp duration as well.
  8. We are planning contact-free activities, preferably outdoors, for example, table tennis, geocaching, speedminton, Zumba/ dancing, nature adventures, theater, arts and crafts, photography, DIY face masks and much more.

What you can do:

Review these rules with your children and explain why it will be necessary to take their temperature before traveling as well as to wear a medical or FFP2 mask during certain situations in camp life.


Please read Consent Form COVID-19 carefully and acknowledge these rules with your signature. You will receive the form with the travel document.


Please keep a safe distance, follow the distancing directions and markers inside the buildings and on the grounds, and pay attention to the reduced room capacities.


Please avoid hand contact. Do not shake hands in greeting, and present documents by laying them down on the table or counter.


Wash your hands regularly. Children should wash their hands before every meal and after each activity. Scrub hands on all sides with soap for 20-30 seconds and rinse under running water.


Please wear a face mask if required according to the hygiene measures of the accommodation and pack at least one mask for each day of camp. Masks must be changed daily. Please make sure that used masks are disposed of in the trash can and that worn clothing is stowed in a dirty laundry bag and.

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