Speak Spanish like a local with Berlitz’ proven immersive language technique. Combining cultural understanding with a comprehensive linguistic skillset, will enable you to communicate naturally and confidently in any situation.

Benefits of learning Spanish with Berlitz Wroclaw

  • We combine linguistic and cultural knowledge in our language programs to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to use the language in everyday conversation.
  • You can study in group or private classes, in-person or online.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to combine your in-person classes with online sessions.
  • We offer courses for all proficiency levels.
  • We can tailor Spanish lessons for businesses expanding into the latin markets.
  • You will speak in Spanish from your first class.

In-person Spanish courses in Warsaw

Our in-person language courses will immerse you in the Spanish language and its culture through engaging activities, designed to help you learn practically and speak naturally.

Private classes

With our private classes, you can expect a fully personalized learning experience that's tailored to your development and objectives. As the sole student in the class, you'll receive the full and undivided attention of your native-fluent instructor, which makes it one of the most efficient ways to learn Spanish naturally and confidently.

Group classes

Our group classes provide an opportunity for you to learn, practice, and socialize in a supportive class environment. Learning Spanish in a group setting is not only fun and interactive but also highly practical, as it allows you to immerse yourself in the language and start conversing in Spanish from the very first day.

Intensive classes

If you're looking to achieve fluency in Spanish quickly, then our Berlitz intensive classes are the perfect fit. These courses offer a comprehensive exploration of Spanish language and culture, with each session running for a full day and centered around the principle of total language immersion.

Online Spanish classes

With our online Spanish language courses, you can learn Spanish flexibly - no matter where you are. Thanks to our wide range of courses, you decide how intensively, how often and how independently you want to learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Self Study: With our Berlitz Connect platform, you can learn grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension when it suits you best. You can set your preferred topics of focus. You can also track your learning success and compete with other community members. The language platform enables you to learn Spanish in an even more innovative, interactive and dynamic way. 

Live Online: In these online Spanish lessons, the same learning content is taught as in the face-to-face lessons - without any loss of quality. The lessons take place on fixed dates, which you can choose yourself. Online tools are available to you for the preparation and the review of the online Spanish language course. This language class is therefore an excellent mix of independent and guided learning.

Blended Learning: The content of the live language training and the self study phases are precisely coordinated to achieve quick and long-lasting success. With a blended learning course you have the opportunity to optimize your learning success yourself and can learn independently without having to forego the personal exchange with a teacher.

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Learn Spanish in a group class: Learning Spanish together is much more fun! In our realistic role-plays, you will not only learn to speak the language but also to understand it and to apply your newly learned skills directly. In a group course, you can motivate and support each other and close any knowledge gaps directly together with the teacher.

Learn Spanish with private lessons: In private lessons, you will achieve the fastest learning results. Your Spanish teacher can completely adapt to your needs and design the Spanish lessons according to your learning style. You will receive constant feedback, the speaking portion is very high and you will have enough time to find out together where your linguistic strengths and weaknesses lie. 

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