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222 super fun nicknames in Spanish to use with your loved ones

Integrate yourself into Hispanic culture with these 222+ nicknames in Spanish.

From the top of Catalonia to the southern tip of Chile, you’ll find that Spanish speakers everywhere love to use nicknames to refer to their friends and family. As anyone who’s spent any time in a Hispanic country can attest, most Spanish speakers are extremely warm and friendly. And part of what makes the community so approachable is its embrace of colorful, creative, and unique nicknames.

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Below are just a few reasons why you should learn a few nicknames in Spanish.

1. To make deeper connections

Using thoughtful nicknames with your friends can help you cultivate deep and meaningful relationships. Just make sure to use a nickname that actually fits your friend – otherwise, it might come across as insincere! You know your friends best, which is why we’ve compiled a list of over 222 unique nicknames in Spanish.

2. To keep up with your friends

Just as your friends will come up with creative nicknames for you, they will do the same for the rest of your friends. That means there will be potentially dozens of nicknames to keep track of if you want to stay on top of what your friends are calling each other!

3. To survive daily life

You may be expecting nicknames from your friends, but did you know that casual acquaintances and even strangers could call you by a nickname? Indeed, it’s not uncommon at all for strangers to use a nickname to call on you in casual interactions.

For example, if you have blonde hair and order tacos from a taco stand, you can expect the taquero (the taco person) to call you güero or güera (which means blonde). Likewise, if you have curly hair, they might call you chino or china as short for pelo chino (curly hair).

4. To have fun

Using nicknames for your friends and family can be a great way to make your everyday interactions a little more fun. Though this is true for every language, it is especially so for Spanish, as there are some funny Spanish nicknames out there!

Ready to get started? We’ll cover over 222 unique nicknames in Spanish, from the funniest to the most romantic ones! From now on, you’ll know exactly what to call every important person in your life.

Nicknames in Spanish

The Spanish word for a nickname is apodo (ah-poe-doe) and its plural is apodos (ah-poe-dohs).

Nicknames in Spanish for a group of friends eating pizza and laughing.


We’ll start with gender-neutral nicknames you can use for your loved ones. You may have learned some of these before if you’ve studied terms of endearment in Spanish. The ones below are great gender-neutral options that you can use with your partner, family members, close friends, and sometimes even strangers! Don’t be surprised if an older woman calls you corazón out of the blue, she’s probably not trying to flirt with you!

EnglishSpanishIPA spellingPronunciation
My loveMi amormj aˈmoɾme ah-more
My lifeMi vidami ˈβiðame ve-dah
My skyMi cielomi ˈsjelome see-eh-loh
My sunMi solmi ˈsolme sol
My little cakePastelitopasteˈlitopas-teh-lee-toe
My lightMi luzmi ˈlusme looz
Fattie (no negative connotation, gender-neutral)Gordiˈɡoɾðigore-dee
The light of my eyesLa luz de mis ojosla ˈluz ðe mis ˈoxosla looz deh mees oh-hos
My little loveAmorcitoamoɾˈsitoah-more-see-toe

Nicknames for a boyfriend, cute guy, or husband

If you have a special guy in your life and you’re tired of saying “I love you” to him over and over, you can try using any of these loving and romantic nicknames. While none of them are overwhelmingly cheesy, you should probably exercise some caution when in formal situations. Avoid using them unless you’re speaking to your man — or trying to find one!

EnglishSpanishIPA spellingPronunciation
Cute daddyPapi chuloˈpapi ˈʧulopah-pee choo-loh
Doll (male)Muñecomuˈɲekomoo-nyeh-coe
Little oneChiquititoʧikiˈtitochee-key-tee-toe
Fattie (non-derogatory)Gorditoɡoɾˈðitogore-dee-toe
Little chickiePollitopoˈʝitopo-yee-toe
My manMi hombremj ˈombɾeme ohm-breh
Little angelAngelitoanxeˈlitoahn-heh-lee-toe

Nicknames for a girlfriend or wife

Expressing your love and appreciation for your girlfriend or wife on a daily basis can be as easy as using a thoughtful and romantic nickname. If you want to find the right Spanish nickname for your queen or princess, check out these romantic options below!

EnglishSpanishIPA spellingPronunciation
My queenMi reinami ˈrejname ray-nah
My mermaidMi sirenitami siɾeˈnitame see-reh-nee-tah
Little oneChiquititaʧikiˈtitachee-key-tee-tah
Fattie (non-derogatory)Gorditaɡoɾˈðitagore-dee-ta
Little chickiePollitapoˈʝitapoe-yee-tah

Nicknames for your family

Spanish families are famously large, but they’re also extremely close. If you have any Spanish-speaking family, you probably already know how common nicknames are among relatives — both immediate and distant. Check out these useful ones for your family members in Spanish, from gender-neutral grandpa and grandma nicknames, to your nieces and nephews.

EnglishSpanishRelationshipIPA spellingPronunciation
My old onesMis viejosParentsmiz ˈβjexosmees vee-eh-hos
Granpa (gender-neutral)AbueGrandparentˈaβweah-boo-eh
Cousin (gender-neutral)PrimiCousinˈpɾimipree-me
Little personMuchachito, muchachitaYounger family members, like nephews or niecesmuʧaˈʧito, muʧaˈʧitamoo-cha-chee-toe, moo-cha-chee-tah
Baby chicksPolluelosChildrenpoˈʝwelospoh-you-eh-lohs

Cute grandma nicknames in Spanish for sweet smiling grandparents.

Cool Spanish nicknames for guys

Having a few badass nicknames for guys in Spanish can come in very handy when you’re trying to catch the attention of that cute guy you pass by all the time in school or trying to start a conversation with the cutie sitting next to you at the bar. Beyond doling out some handy compliments in Spanish, you could try your luck with one of these steezy nicknames any guy would appreciate.

EnglishSpanishIPA spellingPronunciation
SlickEl galánɣaˈlangah-lahn
Heart thiefEl ladrón de corazoneslaˈðɾon de koɾaˈsoneslah-drohn deh coh-rah-zoh-ness
HeartbreakerEl rompecorazonesrompekoɾaˈsonesrom-peh-coh-rah-zoh-ness
StudEl casanovakasaˈnoβaca-sa-no-va
Don JuanEl donjuándonˈxwandon-who-ahn
CharmingEl conquistadorkonkistaˈðoɾcon-keys-tah-door
TigerEl tigreˈtiɣɾetee-greh
MaleEl machoˈmaʧoma-choh
CaptainEl capitánkapiˈtancah-pee-tahn
BossEl patrónpaˈtɾonpah-trohn
The HulkEl hulkˈulkhulk
SoldierEl soldadosolˈdaðosole-dah-doe
AlphaEl alfaˈalfaalfa

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Funny Spanish nicknames

If you’re already at an intermediate Spanish level and can readily consume Spanish media, you probably already know how funny Spanish speakers can be. If you take pride in your sense of humor, don’t pass up the opportunity to use some of these hilarious Spanish nicknames!

EnglishSpanishContextIPA spellingPronunciation
CrazyLoco, locaCan be used with friends, doesn’t have a negative connotationˈloko, ˈlokaloh-coe, loh-cah
FatherPapáCan be used with friendspaˈpapah-pah
My kingMi ReyUsually when talking up a friendmi ˈrejme ray
BrainCerebroUsed with very smart peopleseˈɾeβɾoseh-reh-broh
Chatty cathyLengua largaUsed with someone who talks a lotˈlenɡwa ˈlaɾɣalehn-goo-ah lar-gah
ClownPallaso, PallasaUsed with funny peoplepaˈʝaso, paˈʝasapah-yah-so, pah-yah-sah
Tasmanian DevilDemonio de TasmaniaUsed with people who are loud, messy, or clumsydeˈmonjo ðe tazˈmanjadeh-moh-nee-oh deh tass-mah-nee-ah
Party animalFiestero, FiesteraUsed with people who like to partyfjesˈteɾo, fjesˈteɾafee-ehs-teh-roe, fee-ehs-teh-rah
ChickenGallinaUsed with people who are easily scaredɡaˈʝinagah-yee-nah
Person who loves gossipChismoso, ChismosaUsed with people who love to gossipʧizˈmoso, ʧizˈmosacheese-mo-so, cheese-mo-sah
ToadSapoA snitchˈsaposah-poe

Cute nicknames in Spanish


There are hundreds of different terms of endearment that you can use to refer to just about anyone in your life. If you want to find the perfect cute nickname in Spanish for all the special people — and pets — in your life, here’s a great list to get you started.

EnglishSpanishRelationshipIPA spellingPronunciation
Little sparkChispitaAnyoneʧisˈpitachees-pee-tah
My son, my daughterMijo, MijaA younger person, doesn’t have to be familyˈmixo, ˈmixamee-hoh, mee-hah
Small oneChiquito, ChiquitaA younger personʧiˈkito, ʧiˈkitachee-key-toe, chee-key-tah
CandyDulceA romantic parter or a close friendˈdulsedool-seh
GirlChicaA female friendˈʧikachee-cah
Significant otherPichurriSignificant otherpiˈʧuripee-choo-ree
Significant otherChurriSignificant otherˈʧurichoo-ree
Melon heartCorazón de melónA significant other or close family memberkoɾaˈson de meˈloncoh-rah-sohn deh meh-lohn
Half orangeMedia naranjaA significant otherˈmeðja naˈɾanxameh-dee-ah nah-rahn-hah
Piece of heavenPedacito de cieloA significant other or close family memberpeðaˈsito ðe ˈsjelopeh-dah-see-toe deh see-eh-loe
Little bunnyConejitoA significant other or younger personkoneˈxitocoh-neh-he-toe
Little bearOsitoA significant otheroˈsitooh-see-toe
Little monkeyMonito, MonitaA significant other or close friendmoˈnito, moˈnitaMo-nee-toe, mo-nee-tah
Little bugBichitoA significant otherbiˈʧitobee-chee-toe
Pretty little thingCosita lindaA significant other or close friendkoˈsita ˈlindacoh-see-tah leen-dah
CandyCarameloA significant otherkaɾaˈmelocah-rah-meh-loh
DearCariñoA significant other or close friendkaˈɾiɲocah-ree-nyoh
Small onePequeA childˈpekepeh-keh
Little eyesOjitosA close friend with pretty eyesoˈxitosoh-he-toes
Curly hairRicitosA close friend with curly hairriˈsitosree-see-toes
Boy, girlChico, ChicaAny petˈʧiko, ˈʧikachee-coh, chee-cah
The woof woofEl guau guauDogel ˈɣwaw ˈɣwawgoo-ah goo-ah
Full of fleasPulgoso, pulgosaDogpulˈɣoso, pulˈɣosapool-go-so
Fur ballBola de pelosAny furry petˈbola ðe ˈpelosboh-lah deh peh-loss
Little devilDiablitoAny petdjaˈβlitodee-ah-blee-toe

Nicknames by region

With 21 countries that speak Spanish, it’s no surprise that each one has its own unique vocabulary for nicknames. Whether you have friends from all over or you want to travel far and wide, here are some regional Spanish nickname variations you can use.


As the country of origin of the Spanish language, perhaps you’d think that Spanish from Spain is the standard dialect. However, that’s not really the case, since an overwhelming majority of Spanish speakers live in Latin America. In fact, as the only country in Europe that speaks Spanish, Spain has developed a unique set of slang and nicknames.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Little boyTeteˈteteteh-teh


As the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world, it’s no surprise that Mexico has many unique nicknames. If you plan to spend time in historic Mexico City or along the Riviera Maya, don’t forget to learn a few of these common nicknames!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Someone from Mexico CityChilangoʧiˈlanɡochee-lahn-goe
ShortChaparrito, chaparritaʧapaˈrito, ʧapaˈritachah-pah-ree-toe, chah-pah-ree-tah
That oneEseˈeseeh-seh
Young guyChavo, chavaˈʧaβo, ˈʧaβacha-voh, cha-vah
Someone who is really good at somethingCrackˈkɾakkcrack


Argentina has some famously unique nicknames that you won’t hear anywhere outside this country. Fun fact, did you know that the winning team of the 2022 World Cup has its own nickname? See below to find out what it is!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Guy, girlPibe, pibaˈpiβe, ˈpiβapee-beh, pee-bah
Argentina’s soccer teamLa albicelestealβiseˈlesteahl-bee-see-ehs-teh


Even if Colombia isn’t the most-populated Spanish-speaking country, it is an incredibly diverse one. You’ll find that regional accents and slang vary tremendously from departamento to departamento (their equivalent of states), which makes their regional linguistics extremely rich. Here are some of the most common nicknames in Colombia.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
My best friendMi llavemi ˈʝaβeme yah-veh
An expertUna notaˈuna ˈnotaoo-nah no-tah
A childChinoˈʧinochee-no


Whether you’re headed to the seaside metropolis of Lima or the picturesque town of Cusco, you’ll need to have a few of these Peruvian nicknames under your belt.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Young personChiboloʧiˈβolochee-boh-loh
Close friendChocheˈʧoʧecho-che


As all coffee lovers already know, the Central American country of Guatemala has a lot to offer. From its warm people to its impressive geographic landforms, Guatemala is truly a unique country — and its local nicknames are no exception!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Someone from GuatemalaChapín, Chapinaʧaˈpin, ʧaˈpinacha-peen, cha-pee-nah
A curly-haired personColochokoˈloʧoco-lo-cho
A childPatojopaˈtoxopah-to-hoh
A cheap personChuchoˈʧuʧochoo-cho
A bright personChispudoʧisˈpuðochees-poo-doh

Dominican Republic

If you’ve met someone from the Dominican Republic, you know how easily they can fill the room with positive energy. Part of that is their lively slang, which includes many funny and creative nicknames.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
A hustlerTigueretiˈɣeɾetee-geh-reh
Someone who’s good at somethingBacanobaˈkanoba-cah-no

Nicknames by given name

Nicknames by given name are incredibly popular in Spanish-speaking countries. Most of your friends will probably never call you by your real name unless it’s extremely unique. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of the most common Spanish nicknames.

English equivalentNameNicknameIPA spellingPronunciation
FrancisFranciscoPaco, Panchoˈpako, ˈpanʧopah-coh, pan-cho
NoneGuadalupeLupe, Lupitaˈlupe, luˈpitaloo-peh, loo-pee-tah
Joseph MaryJosé MaríaChemaˈʧemacheh-mah
John PaulJuan PabloJuanpaˈxwampawho-ahn-pah
John FrancisJuan FranciscoJuanchoˈxwanʧowho-ahn-cho
John JosephJuan JoséJuanjoˈxwanxowho-ahn-hoh
NoneLuis FernandoLuisferlwisˈfeɾloo-is-fair
Mary JosephMaría JoséMajoˈmaxomah-hoh
Mary IsabelleMaría IsabelMaribelmaɾiˈβelmah-ree-belle
NoneMaría FernandaMafermaˈfeɾmah-fehr
NoneMaría ElenaMalenamaˈlenamah-leh-nah
Susan, SuzanneSusanaSusiˈsusisoo-see

Nicknames of cities and places


The Big Apple, The Emerald City, and The Big Easy. All of these are common English nicknames for major cities in the United States that non-natives might not understand. Spanish has similar nicknames that would probably confuse you unless you’ve spent some time in the city — or read our handy guide to Spanish city nicknames!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
United StatesEl gabachoel ɣaˈβaʧogah-bah-cho
Buenos AiresLa Reina del Platala ˈrejna ðel ˈplatala ray-nah dell plah-tah
BarcelonaLa Ciudad Condalla sjuˈðað konˈdalla see-ooh-dahd cohn-dall
RomeLa Ciudad Eternala sjuˈðað eˈteɾnala see-ooh-dahd eh-tehr-nah
MadridLa Villa y Cortela ˈβiʝa j ˈkoɾtela vee-yah e core-teh
ParisLa Ciudad de la Luzla sjuˈðað ðe la ˈlusla see-ooh-dahd deh la looz
Mexico CityChilangolandiaʧilanɡoˈlandjachee-lan-go-lan-dee-ah
MonterreyLa Sultana del Nortela sulˈtana ðel ˈnoɾtela sool-tah-nah dell nor-teh
CuzcoEl Ombligo del Mundoel omˈbliɣo ðel ˈmundoehl ohm-blee-goh dell moon-doe
LimaLa Ciudad de los Reyesla sjuˈðað ðe loz ˈreʝesla see-ooh-dahd deh los reh-yes
BogotáEl Balcón de los Andesel βalˈkon de los ˈandeselle bal-cohn deh los ahn-dehs
CartagenaLa Heróicala eˈɾojkala eh-roh-e-cah
UshuaiaLa Ciudad del Fin del Mundola sjuˈðað ðel ˈfin del ˈmundola see-ooh-dahd dell feen dell moon-doe

Keep up the great work, mis amores!

Learning a few Spanish nicknames will make you sound like a true native, and with our helpful list of over 222 nicknames in Spanish, you have no excuses not to!

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