111 Spanish questions to ask to spark interesting conversations

Asking the right questions can open many doors — but only if you know which ones to ask. With these 111 common Spanish questions, you’ll know just how to find the answers you’re looking for.

Learning Spanish can be challenging enough to, on top of it, have to wander around not knowing how to ask questions. Indeed, one of the most frustrating things about moving to a different country is the amount of help you’ll need as you settle into a new life in a different part of the world. And if you’re still at the beginner level, every question you ask in Spanish can feel like a monumental task — especially if you haven’t learned how to use question words in Spanish.

Fortunately, you can learn a few targeted questions to make your interactions much easier. If you’re learning Spanish for business, you can take some time to memorize a few questions about work that will go a long way. If you’re going to a Spanish-speaking country to learn Spanish, you can learn a few questions about school. And if you simply want to meet new people, all you need to do is learn a few questions about general hobbies and interests.

Now, this won’t make you fluent or magically make you an advanced speaker, but learning how to ask questions in Spanish means you’ve already won half the battle! Plus, each Spanish interaction you handle successfully will give you the confidence to push forward on your path to Spanish fluency.

Ready to get started? We’ve broken down 111 questions in Spanish into different categories to help you find the types of questions that are most relevant to you. And if you’re feeling extra motivated, don’t hesitate to tackle them all! These are all common questions that may come in handy at some point, so there’s no harm in spending the extra time learning them. 

10 most common questions in Spanish

If you’re an absolute beginner and will find yourself in a Spanish-speaking region soon, there are a few questions that you must absolutely learn before you go. Not only will these questions ensure that you’ll survive (and find a bathroom when you need one!), but they may even help you walk away with brand-new friends!  

What’s your name?¿Cómo te llamas?koh-mo teh yah-masˈkomo te ˈʝamas ‖
How old are you?¿Cuántos años tienes?koo-ahn-toss ah-nyos tee-eh-nessˈkwantos ˈaɲos ˈtjenes ‖
Where are you from?¿De dónde eres?deh don-deh eh-ressde ˈðonde ˈeɾes ‖
How are you?¿Cómo estás?koh-mo ehs-tassˈkomo esˈtas ‖
Where are the restrooms?¿Dónde están los baños?don-deh ehs-tahn loss bah-nyosˈdonde esˈtan loz ˈβaɲos ‖
Howmuch is it?¿Cuánto cuesta?koo-ahn-toe koo-ehs-tahˈkwanto ˈkwesta ‖
Whose is this?¿De quién es esto?deh key-ehn ehs es-toede ˈkjen ˈes ˈesto ‖
Are you hungry?¿Tienes hambre?tee-eh-ness ahm-brehˈtjenes ˈambɾe ‖
Do you speak Spanish?¿Hablas español?ah-blas ehs-pah-nyolˈaβlas espaˈɲol ‖
What do you do?¿A qué te dedicas?ah keh teh deh-dee-kasa ˈke te ðeˈðikas ‖

These three young business women are asking common questions in Spanish when meeting somone.

Common questions when meeting someone for the first time

Meeting someone for the first time can be incredibly awkward if you don’t know what questions to ask. Beyond just asking “what’s your name?” and “how are you?”, you’ll also want to know how to ask a few important details about the person you’ve just met, like how they’re doing, what their contact information is, and what they do for a living.  

My name is Marco, what’s yours?Me llamo Marco, ¿y tú?meh yah-mo mar-koh, e toome ˈʎamo ˈmaɾko | i ˈtu ‖
How’s it going?¿Qué tal?keh tahlˈke ˈtal ‖
Very well, and you? Muy bien, ¿y tú?mooy bee-ehn e toomuj ˈβjen | i ˈtu ‖
What country are you from? ¿De qué país eres?deh keh pah-ees eh-rehsde ˈke paˈis ˈeɾes ‖
What’s your phone number?¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono?koo-ahl ehs too noo-meh-rohˈkwal ˈes tu ˈnumeɾo ðe teˈlefono ‖
What’s your email address?¿Cuál es tu correo electrónico?koo-ahl ehs too koh-reh-oh eh-lec-troh-nee-kohˈkwal ˈes tu koˈreo elekˈtɾoniko ‖
When is your birthday?¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?coo-ahn-do ehs too coom-pleh-ah-nyohsˈkwando ˈes tu kumpleˈaɲos ‖
What do you do?¿A qué te dedicas?ah keh teh deh-dee-kasa ˈke te ðeˈðikas ‖

Basic Spanish questions for getting to know someone

Once you’ve moved past the initial pleasantries of meeting someone, you’ll want to have some questions handy to help you break the ice. Learning more about others and finding things in common can help you start building a bond that could turn into a lifelong friendship. 

A great way to do this is by asking questions about seemingly-trivial things, like their favorite color, favorite animal, or even favorite flower! Who knows where an innocuous conversation may lead!

Are you married?¿Estás casado/casada?ess-tahs cahn-sah-doe, cahn-sah-dahesˈtas kasaðokaˈsaða ‖
Do you have a partner?¿Tienes pareja?tee-eh-ness pah-reh-hahˈtjenes paˈɾexa ‖
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?¿Tienes novio/novia?tee-eh-ness noh-vee-oh/noh-vee-ahˈtjenez noβjoˈnoβja ‖
Do you have children?¿Tienes hijos?tee-eh-nehs e-hossˈtjenes ˈixos ‖
Do you live nearby?¿Vives por aquí?vee-vehs pore ah-keyˈbiβes poɾ aˈki ‖
Around where do you live?¿Por dónde vives?pore dohn-deh vee-vehspoɾ ˈðonde ˈβiβes ‖
What’s your favorite color?¿Cuál es tu color favorito?coo-ahl ehs too coe-lore fah-vore-e-toeˈkwal ˈes tu koˈloɾ faβoˈɾito ‖
What’s your sign?¿Qué signo eres?keh seeg-no air-ehsˈke ˈsiɣno ˈeɾes ‖
What’s your favorite drink?¿Cuál es tu bebida favorita?coo-ahl ess too beh-bee-dah fah-vore-e-tahˈkwal ˈes tu βeˈβiða faβoˈɾita ‖
What’s your favorite movie?¿Cuál es tu película favorita?coo-ahl ess too peh-lee-coo-lah fah-vore-e-tahˈkwal ˈes tu peˈlikula faβoˈɾita ‖
What are you doing today? ¿Qué vas a hacer hoy?keh vahs ah ah-sehr oyˈke ˈβas a aˈθeɾ ˈoj ‖
Where are you headed from here?¿A dónde vas a ir después de aquí?ah dohn-deh vahs ah eer dehs-poo-ess deh ah-keya ˈðonde ˈβas a ˈiɾ ðesˈpwez ðe aˈki ‖
What did you do last night?¿Qué hiciste anoche?keh e-sees-teh ah-no-chehˈke jˈθiste aˈnoʧe ‖
What are you doing tomorrow?¿Qué vas a hacer mañana?keh vahs ah ah-sehr mah-nyah-nahˈke ˈβas a aˈθeɾ maˈɲana ‖
Do you have any pets?¿Tienes mascotas?tee-eh-ness mas-coe-tasssˈtjenez masˈkotas ‖

Two beautiful people on a date are asking basic questions in Spanish to get to know each other.

Basic questions in Spanish for everyday life

Getting through daily life can be incredibly difficult without a few key questions. From asking, “what time is it?” to asking for help, the following questions will be extremely helpful for navigating everyday life in a Spanish-speaking country

Could you help me?¿Me podrías ayudar?meh poe-dree-ahs ah-you-darme poˈðɾias aʝuˈðaɾ ‖
Can you do me a favor?¿Me puedes hacer un favor?meh poo-eh-dess ah-sehr oon fah-voreme ˈpweðes aˈθeɾ um faˈβoɾ ‖
Could you hand me that book?¿Me podrías pasar ese libro?meh poe-dree-ahs pah-sahr eh-seh lee-brohme poˈðɾias paˈsaɾ ˈese ˈliβɾo ‖
Could you open the window?¿Podrías abrir la ventana?poe-dree-ahs ah-breer la vehn-tah-nahpoˈðɾias aˈβɾiɾ la βenˈtana ‖
How can I help you?¿Cómo te puedo ayudar?koh-moh teh poo-eh-doe ah-you-darˈkomo te ˈpweðo aʝuˈðaɾ ‖
How do you feel?¿Cómo te sientes?koh-moh teh see-ehn-tessˈkomo te ˈsjentes ‖
What is this?¿Qué es esto?keh ess es-toeˈke ˈes ˈesto ‖
Do you need help?¿Necesitas ayuda?neh-seh-see-tass ah-you-dahneθeˈsitas aˈʝuða ‖
Are you sick?¿Estás enfermo?ess-tass ehn-fehr-moesˈtas emˈfeɾmo ‖
Do you feel sick?¿Te sientes mal?teh see-ehn-tess malte ˈsjentez ˈmal ‖
Have you gone to the doctor’s yet?¿Ya fuiste al doctor?ya foo-ees-teh ahl doc-toreʝa ˈfwiste al dokˈtoɾ ‖

Common questions for traveling in a Spanish-speaking country

Traveling abroad can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be quite frustrating! Taking just a few minutes to prepare a handful of questions in advance can prevent any anxiety-inducing situations so you can focus on enjoying the wonderful beauty and culture of wherever you may be traveling to!

Where is the subway?¿Dónde está el metro?dohn-deh ehs-tah ehl meh-trohˈdonde esˈta el ˈmetɾo ‖
How can I get to the airport?¿Cómo puedo llegar al aeropuerto?koh-mo poo-eh-doe yeh-gar ahl ah-eh-ro-poo-air-toeˈkomo ˈpweðo ʎeˈɣaɾ al aeɾoˈpweɾto ‖
Can you call me a cab?¿Me puedes pedir un taxi?meh poo-eh-dehs peh-deer oon taxime ˈpweðes peˈðiɾ un ˈtaksi ‖
Where can I exchange money?¿Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?dohn-deh poo-eh-doe cam-bee-ahr dee-neh-roeˈdonde ˈpweðo kamˈbjaɾ ðiˈneɾo ‖
Is there an ATM nearby?¿Hay algún cajero automático por aquí?ay ahl-goon cah-heh roe ah-oo-toe-mah-tee-coh pore ah-keyˈaj alˈɣun kaˈxeɾo awtoˈmatiko poɾ aˈki ‖
Is there a pharmacy nearby?¿Hay alguna farmacia por aquí?ay ahl-goo-nah far-mah-see-ah pore ah-keyˈaj alˈɣuna faɾˈmaθja poɾ aˈki ‖
How can I get to the museum?¿Cómo puedo llegar al museo?coh-moe poo-eh-doe yeh-gar ahl moo-seh-ohˈkomo ˈpweðo ʎeˈɣaɾ al muˈseo ‖
Where can I check my bags?¿Dónde puedo documentar mis maletas?dohn-deh poo-eh-doe doh-coo-men-tahr mees mah-leh-tahsˈdonde ˈpweðo ðokumenˈtaɾ miz maˈletas ‖
How long are you staying in Colombia?¿Cuánto tiempo te quedas en Colombia?coo-ahn-toe tee-ehm-poe teh keh-dass en coh-lom-bee-ahˈkwanto ˈtjempo te ˈkeðas en koˈlombja ‖

Spanish questions for travel

Conversational questions regarding hobbies and interests

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t already know many people in your new environment. One of the best ways to make friends is by finding people who share the same passions and hobbies as you do. And how do you find people interested in the same things as you? Well, you have to ask them what they’re into, whether they like sports, reading or something else! 

Do you like working out?¿Te gusta hacer ejercicio?teh goose-tah ah-sehr eh-hair-see-see-ohte ˈɣusta aˈθeɾ exeɾˈθiθjo ‖
Do you play any sports?¿Juegas algún deporte?who-eh-gass al-goon deh-pore-tehˈxweɣas alˈɣun deˈpoɾte ‖
What do you like to do?¿Qué te gusta hacer?keh teh goose-tah ah-sehrˈke te ˈɣusta aˈθeɾ ‖
What are your favorite hobbies?¿Cuáles son tus pasatiempos favoritos?coo-ah-lehs sohn toos pah-sah-tee-ehm-poss fah-vore-e-tossˈkwales ˈson tus pasaˈtjempos faβoˈɾitos ‖
What are you doing after work?¿Qué te vas a hacer después del trabajo?keh vass ah ah-sehr dess-poo-ess dell trah-bah-hoˈke te ˈβas a aˈθeɾ ðesˈpwez ðel tɾaˈβaxo ‖

Conversation questions about family

If you know anything about Hispanic culture, you know just how important families are. Perhaps what’s most contrasting to Anglo-Saxon culture is how close Spanish speakers are even with extended family members, so you’ll have to be ready to talk about cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews, great-aunts, great-great-grandparents, and more! Luckily, we have a whole guide to family members in Spanish to help you out. But for now, check out the following essential conversational questions about family in Spanish.

Where do your parents live?¿Dónde viven tus papás?don-deh vee-venn toos pah-pahsˈdonde ˈβiβen tus paˈpas ‖
How many kids do you have?¿Cuántos hijos tienes?coo-ahn-toss e-hoss tee-eh-nessˈkwantos ˈixos ˈtjenes ‖
Do you have any siblings?¿Tienes hermanos?tee-eh-ness air-mah-nossˈtjenes eɾˈmanos ‖
Are you thinking about having children?¿Estás pensando en tener hijos?ess-tass-pehn-sahn-doe ehn teh-nehr e-hossesˈtas penˈsando en teˈneɾ ˈixos ‖
How many children do you want?¿Cuántos hijos quieres tener?coo-ahn-toss e-hoss key-air-ess teh-nairˈkwantos ˈixos ˈkjeɾes teˈneɾ ‖
What’s your brother/sister’s name?¿Cómo se llama tu hermano/hermana?koh-mo seh yah-mah too air-mah-no/air-mah-nahˈkomo se ˈʎama tw eɾmanoeɾˈmana ‖
Do you have nephews or nieces?¿Tienes sobrinos o sobrinas?tee-eh-ness soh-bree-noss oh soh-bree-nassˈtjenes soˈβɾinos o soˈβɾinas ‖
Are you close to your cousins?¿Eres cercano con tus primos?eh-rehs sehr-cah-no cohn toos pree-mossˈeɾes θeɾˈkano kon tus ˈpɾimos ‖
Who’s the eldest in your family?¿Quién es el mayor en tu familia?key-ehn ess ehl mah-yore ehn too fah-me-lee-ahˈkjen ˈes el maˈʝoɾ en tu faˈmilja ‖
Does your family live far away?¿Tu familia vive lejos? too fah-me-lee-ah vee-veh leh-hosstu faˈmilja ˈβiβe ˈlexos ‖
How often do you visit your family?¿Qué tan seguido visitas a tu familia?keh tan seh-gee-doe vee-see-tass ah too fah-me-le-ahˈke ˈtan seˈɣiðo βiˈsitas a tu faˈmilja ‖
Do you see your family often?¿Ves a tu familia seguido?vess seh-gee-doe ah too fah-me-lee-ahˈbes a tu faˈmilja seˈɣiðo ‖

Two people with suitcases are catching the train.

How to ask questions in Spanish about the weather

Although talking about the weather might get a bad rap for being a conversation topic of last resort, it can be a great way to make plans and learn about the local climate. You can ask specific questions about the weather that can help you plan your day, or questions about the seasons so you can plan a future trip. You could even ask about landforms and special geographic features of the region. There’s plenty to learn about when you know the right questions to ask! 

How’s the weather?¿Cómo está el clima?koh-mo ess-tah ehl clee-mahˈkomo esˈta el ˈklima ‖
Is it cold?¿Está haciendo frío?ess-tah ah-see-ehn-doe free-ohesˈta aˈθjendo ˈfɾio ‖
Is it hot?¿Está haciendo calor?ess-tah ah-see-ehn-doe cah-loreesˈta aˈθjendo kaˈloɾ ‖
Will it rain?¿Va a llover?vah ah yo-verˈba a ʎoˈβeɾ ‖
Do you know when it will stop raining?¿Sabes a qué hora va a dejar de llover?sah-bess ah keh oh-rah vah ah deh-hahr deh yo-verˈsaβes a ˈke ˈoɾa ˈβa a ðeˈxaɾ ðe ʎoˈβeɾ ‖
What’s the temperature?¿Cuál es la temperatura?coo-ahl ess la tem-peh-ra-too-raˈkwal ˈez la tempeɾaˈtuɾa ‖
Should I bring warm clothes?¿Debería de llevar ropa cálida?deh-beh-ree-ah deh yeh-var roe-pahdeβeˈɾia ðe ʎeˈβaɾ ˈropa ˈkaliða ‖
What’s your favorite season?¿Cúal es tu temporada del año favorita?coo-ahl ess too tehm-poh-rah-dah dehl ah-nyoh fah-voh-ree-tahˈkual ˈes tu tempoˈɾaða ðel ˈaɲo faβoˈɾita ‖
What do you like to do over the summer?¿Qué te gusta hacer en verano?keh teh goose-tah ah-sehr ehn veh-rah-noˈke te ˈɣusta aˈθeɾ em beˈɾano ‖
Do you like snow?¿Te gusta la nieve?teh goose-tah la nee-eh-vehte ˈɣusta la ˈnjeβe ‖

Common questions about food

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of traveling and exploring new cultures is tasting new foods. Whether you enjoy going to restaurants or trying out exotic fruits from street vendors, you’re sure to drastically improve your experience by incorporating just a few questions about food in Spanish.  

What do you want to eat?¿Qué quieres comer?keh key-air-ess coe-mehrˈke ˈkjeɾes koˈmeɾ ‖
What type of food do you like?¿Qué comida te gusta?keh coe-mee-dah teh goose-tahˈke koˈmiða te ˈɣusta ‖
Should we go to a restaurant or order takeout?¿Vamos a un restaurante o pedimos a domicilio?vah-moss ah oon ress-tah-ooh-rahn-teh oh peh-dee-moss ah doe-me-see-lee-ohˈbamos a wn restawˈɾante o peˈðimos a ðomiˈθiljo ‖
Do you have a table for four?¿Tienen mesa para cuatro?tee-eh-nehn meh-sah pah-rah coo-ah-trohˈtjenem ˈmesa ˈpaɾa ˈkwatɾo ‖
Can I see the menu?¿Puedo ver el menú?poo-eh-doe bear elle meh-nooˈpweðo ˈβeɾ el meˈnu ‖
Do you want dessert?¿Quieres postre?key-air-ess poss-trehˈkjeɾes ˈpostɾe ‖
How’s your food?¿Qué tal está tu comida?keh tahl ehs-tah too coh-mee-dahˈke ˈtal esˈta tu koˈmiða ‖
What does it taste like?¿A qué sabe?ah keh sah-beha ˈke ˈsaβe ‖
Do you have any dietary restrictions?¿Tienes alguna restricción alimentaria?tee-eh-ness ahl-goo-nah ress-treec-see-ohn ah-lee-mehn-tee-see-ahˈtjenes alˈɣuna restɾikˈθjon alimenˈtaɾja ‖
Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?¿Prefieres la comida dulce o salada?preh-fee-air-ess coh-me-dah dool-seh oh sah-lah-dahpɾeˈfjeɾez la koˈmiða ˈðulθe o saˈlaða ‖
What’s the traditional food here?¿Cuál es la comida típica de aquí?coo-ahl ess la coh-me-dah tee-pee-cah deh ah-keyˈkwal ˈez la koˈmiða ˈtipika ðe aˈki ‖
Do you want something else to eat?¿Quieres algo más de comer?key-air-ess al-go mas deh coe-mehrˈkjeɾes ˈalɣo ˈmaz ðe koˈmeɾ ‖

Couple having coffee at a restaurant.

How to ask Spanish questions about work 

Many people choose to learn Spanish for businesses, especially those who live close to Spain or Latin America. Whether you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country for a business meeting or are fully relocating to a new country, you’ll want to have some of these questions about work under your belt.

What do you do for work?¿En qué trabajas?ehn keh trah-bah-hahsen ˈke tɾaˈβaxas ‖
What company do you work for?¿Para qué compañía trabajas?pah-rah keh com-pah-nyee-ah trah-bah-hahsˈpaɾa ˈke kompaˈɲia tɾaˈβaxas ‖
What time do you get off work?¿A qué hora sales de trabajar?ah keh oh-rah sah-less deh trah-bah-hara ˈke ˈoɾa ˈsalez ðe tɾaβaˈxaɾ ‖
For how long have you worked there?¿Desde hace cuánto tiempo trabajas ahí?dess-deh ah-seh coo-ahn-toe tee-ehm-poe trah-bah-hahs ah-eˈdezðe ˈaθe ˈkwanto ˈtjempo tɾaˈβaxas aˈi ‖
What time does the meeting start?¿A qué hora empieza la junta?ah keh oh-rah ehm-pee-eh-za la hoon-taha ˈke ˈoɾa emˈpjeθa la ˈxunta ‖
What time does the meeting end?¿A qué hora termina la junta?ah keh oh-rah tear-me-naha ˈke ˈoɾa teɾˈmina la ˈxunta ‖

Common questions about school

Finally, you may be headed to a Spanish-speaking country precisely to work on your Spanish. If that’s the case, you’ll surely need some time to adapt to going to school not just in a different country but in a different language! These questions will help you navigate school life in Spanish much more smoothly — and perhaps make a new friend or two! 

What are you studying?¿Qué estudias?keh ess-too-dee-ahsˈke esˈtuðjas ‖
Where do you go to school?¿Dónde estudias?dohn-deh ess-too-dee-ahsˈdonde esˈtuðjas ‖
What time do you go to school? ¿A qué hora vas a la escuela?ah keh oh-rah vahs ah la es-coo-eh-laha ˈke ˈoɾa ˈβas a la esˈkwela ‖
What’s your major?¿Cuál es tu carrera?coo-ahl ehs too cah-reh-rahˈkwal ˈes tu kaˈreɾa ‖
When are you graduating?¿Cuándo te gradúas?coo-ahn-doe teh grah-doo-ahsˈkwando te ɣɾaˈðuas ‖
What do you want to do after graduation?¿Qué quieres hacer después de graduarte?keh key-air-ess ah-ser dess-poo-ess deh grah-doo-ahr-tehˈke ˈkjeɾes aˈθeɾ ðesˈpwez ðe ɣɾaˈðwaɾte ‖
Why do you want to learn Spanish?¿Por qué quieres aprender español?pore keh key-air-ess ah-prehn-dehr ehs-pah-nyolpoɾ ˈke ˈkjeɾes apɾenˈdeɾ espaˈɲol ‖
How did you learn Spanish?¿Cómo aprendiste español?koe-moe ah-prehn-dees-teh ehs-pah-nyolˈkomo apɾenˈdiste espaˈɲol ‖
How many languages can you speak?¿Cuántos idiomas sabes hablar?coo-ahn-toss e-dee-oh-mas sah-bess ah-blarˈkwantos iˈðjomas ˈsaβes aˈβlaɾ ‖
Can you speak English?¿Sabes hablar inglés?sah-bess ah-blar een-glessˈsaβes aˈβlaɾ inˈɡles ‖
What grade are you in?¿En qué año estás?ehn keh ah-nyoh ess-tassen ˈke ˈaɲo esˈtas ‖
Do you have exams coming up?¿Tienes exámenes pronto?tee-eh-ness ex-ah-meh-ness prohn-toeˈtjenes ekˈsamenes ˈpɾonto ‖
What’s your favorite class?¿Cuál es tu clase favorita?coo-ahl ess too clah-seh fah-vor-e-tahˈkwal ˈes tu ˈklase faβoˈɾita ‖

Now the only question is where to start

There you have it! Well over a hundred (111, to be exact!) common, basic and more diverse questions in Spanish to help you find the answers you’re looking for! Don’t be shy. Go out and start practicing some of these questions right away! The more you use them, the sooner you’ll be comfortable asking basic questions in Spanish.

If you think this practical guide will be very helpful to you in your future Spanish endeavors, don’t forget to check out our Spanish blog article lessons. We focus on publishing vocabulary-centered guides with actionable tips, so you can walk away with something you can use. To see what we mean, check out our recent guides on how to say I don’t know in Spanish and 41 different ways to say good afternoon in Spanish

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